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Asheville Visions Photography offers prints and digital images of fine art photography in and around Western North Carolina. We talked with them recently and here is what they had to say:

“We incorporated as an LLC in the Spring of 2013, when Tom Crook, Bob Young and (then) another third person combined to form the company. That third person has since retired and Bonnie Schwartz joined us in the Summer of 2014.

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Our ideal customer is one who appreciates fine art photography and has a keen interest in Asheville, western North Carolina and its surroundings. We enjoy the opportunity to get “out there” and capture images that “say” something…ones that hit the heart of our viewer. We enjoy post-processing of our photos to enrich the image and focus the viewer better on the story. We also enjoy the camaraderie and the exchange of ideas among the three of us.

French Broad Imaging and Cold Mountain Photographic Society have been very helpful and supportive in our business.

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There is an international organization of photographers called The Arcanum. It uses high technology to facilitate the ancient model of Master/Apprentice in the field of photography. There are only about 400 apprentices world-wide that have been selected into The Arcanum. Asheville, NC can boast at least SEVEN of this, which is an unusually high percentage for such a small town. Asheville Visions Photography, LLC lays claim to two (for now) of these seven and our third partner has applied for admission and should be accepted soon. This makes Asheville Visions Photography, LLC a well-credential photography business.

You can find Asheville Visions Photography on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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