Asheville Audio, Video, Theater and Security by Hi-Tech Systems

Hello, I am Wally Capps, President of Hi-Tech Integrated Systems, Inc located at 215 Haywood Street Asheville, NC 28801 (downtown beside Three Brothers Restaurant). We have a showroom along with our office at this location.

We’re a mid-sized company of 13 and we consider ourselves a Team. Everyone within our organization plays a Key role from the President (Wally) who also handles Sales and Client Relations, Engineer/Programmer Jacob, and IT Specialist Sam, to our experienced Technicians in the field; our office staff and Marketing & Sales assistant. We strive for everyone to fulfill their roles excellently so that if reflects positively on the entire Team.

I opened a division of the Houseman Alarm Systems in Asheville area in 1993. I saw the need to branch out into the audio and video and other aspects of low voltage rather than only offering security systems. I then started Hi-Tech Integrated Systems in 1996.

Weaverville is home to the Capps family. As we studied the demographics, we saw the need to provide solutions and service for contractors, home owners and businesses as well. The small town atmosphere is great. Asheville has such a diverse culture and great people. Asheville is a beautiful place to live, and raise a family. It’s large enough to offer the diversity that’s appealing to many, yet the atmosphere gives a feeling of community closeness. We are blessed to have the opportunity to do business in the WNC area. I have the benefit of dealing with people from different backgrounds and different areas. I enjoy the opportunity to meet their needs with a customized system from Hi-Tech.

Companies that help and network with us: Goforth Builders Inc, Biltmore Farms LLC and Citizens Fuel Co.—We partner with Goforth Builders and Biltmore Farms on their construction projects. Citizens Fuel Co. is a client of ours.

Mountain BizWorks and SCORE both assisted us through a period of growth and offer continued support and or training ongoing.

We sell Audio/video and home theater equipment, security systems and lighting control systems. We offer solutions for diverse low voltage situations. Whether it be for business or home, large or small we can help. We can assist with energy management and monitoring services for a home or business, saving you money, time and energy!

Hi-Tech Integrated Systems, Inc – Let us help make your home a Hi-Tech home.
Address: 215 Haywood Street Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-252-6001

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Awesome Asheville Business Videos

First of all, we at AskAsheville have created a great YouTube video channel for you to enjoy. We are proud that these videos were created in the Asheville and WNC area, and taken as a non-profit resource for your enjoyment. Check out these Asheville Videos.

Skyland Distributing Company is a major beer and wine distributor in Asheville and the Western North Carolina area. They are a great team who works with many local AVL restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and nightclubs. They work “behind the scenes” for the most part, but their work in the community is regularly seen. Check out Skyland Distributing.

More Space Place in Asheville NC is a Murphy Bed and Custom Closet solution. Getting your home and belongings organized can put your life in order and make things so much easier. The people there are great to work with, unlike others they do not claim to “do it all” when it comes to construction and remodeling, but they specialize greatly in these areas of focus. Visit Asheville Custom Closets.

Mother and Son Bistro is an Asheville restaurant and bakery that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch, pasties, coffees, and wonderful desserts. You can call it a hidden gem on the Northside in the Woodfin area. They have a great menu and the staff works hard to provide nice service in a comfortable atmosphere. Visit Mother and Son.

Asheville Maid is a residential and commercial cleaning service in the Asheville North Carolina area. Katie is passionate about gaining clients in the AVL area, doing a great job of keeping their home or office in order, and making long term clients out of them. She can do standard or green cleaning, or use your personal cleaning supplies as well. See Asheville Cleaning.

Highland Brewing Company in Asheville is one of the landmark breweries in the area. They are great networkers, have a large variety of locally brewed beer, and a staff that is ready to show you what they have to offer. They just recently made a signature beer for the Grove Park Inn called the Great Gatsby Abbey Ale. Highland has a even more great plans on the horizon in the Asheville area. See Highland Brewing.

Pomodoros Cafe is an Italian and Greek restaurant in Asheville North Carolina on the East and South side of town. Their food is tremendous and the service is exceptional. Friends of ours have been “secret shoppers” there for many years and every experience was 90% or above. Tommy and his crew work hard to make your meal awesome. See them here at Pomodoros Cafe.

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18 Month Old Drummer from Asheville North Carolina

What I liked most about “Max” is that he carefully schemed the scene, waited for the band to take a break, climbed up on the seat, and started drumming away. It wasn’t but 30 seconds and he had the crowd cheering. His mom was like “should I get him down?”. I pulled out the Flip HD Cam and said “NO!”. Great time at Phil Mechanic Studios in Asheville. I just call it Art Heaven with many levels and rooms of Art. See Video of Max playing the drums on

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Ask Asheville has been working on building their website and promoting the area for some time now. We are now offering to profile your company for only $199. This includes an online video of your business, online article about you and your company, and links to all of your websites. If you do not have a website, no problem… this is a great start! You will also get a custom direct link to your video and article. We will put your information up online on all of our sites giving you and your business maximum exposure. Send us an email to to place the order and set up an appointment. We would then stop by your business for about an hour to do the video and the interview, and it will be live online within a few days! Let us help you really get online. This offer is valid now through the end of February 2009, based on a first come first serve basis. Thank you.

Ask Asheville Videos – Like Never Before!

We have been on this video roll in Asheville North Carolina and it has been wonderful. Of course you get the people who do not like cameras as much as we do, you meet the camera shy, you also bump into that person looking for those “few seconds of fame”, and others who just maybe do not comprehend the whole YouTube idea. I have to explain to folks weekly that you can use YouTube for good, lol. Please do some research before pre-judging so much and so quickly. Good or Bad can come from anything, is not this called life? Here are some of our most recent Asheville videos for your enjoyment.

Click HERE to see Mars Hills Students in Downtown Asheville Raise Money for a Mission Trip to Costa Rica

Click HERE to see the Asheville Twestival, pre-rally at Pritchard Park Downtown AVL

For a nice, quick bongo solo… Click HERE

Meet the Asheville Hash House Harrriers on their Wild Red Dress Run in Downtown by clicking HERE

Also… The Asheville Hacky Sack Club at Pritchard Park… starting their season! Click HERE to see!

Oh, click HERE to see this band giving Asheville a free show, with lots of fun and dancing.

Thank you