Asheville Verizon Wireless, area leader?

Verizon definitely has the complete Asheville North Carolina area covered. I have never actually seen “my network gang” following me around, but I know they are there, lol. I remember when I had Sun-Com with their $70 per month deal for unlimited. That was great until I stepped out of Asheville for a few days and got a $1200 bill for one month. Yes, I freaked… and then calmly drove 100 mph to the nearest Verizon Wireless store. Not to say everything has been perfect, but they are running a 90% success rate with me and that is awesome.

Their team over there on Tunnel Road works together like clockwork. I watch them, see their body language, feel their attitude… haha… but that is just me. I constantly evaluate businesses, see the pros and cons, and re-invent them slightly or extremely, whichever is needed… and sometimes the business does not even know it. I am optimistic; meaning I focus on the strengths, get rid of tradition, bring a business up to date, and then make it all cycle together effectively. Sometimes I ask myself “is this certain business blind”? But then again marketing is not everyone’s forte. Sorry for the tangent. Not looking for work at all. I market what I personally prove and believe in.

Verizon cell phone coverage in Western North Carolina has been more than accomodating. When some of my friends have mountain get-togethers (not like that), picnics, hikes, etc… everyone is always looking at their bars, hoping they “stay in range”. Call me prideful, but I don’t even glance… I just somehow know I am covered. Bam!

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