Asheville Used Car Dealer Expands In 2014

asheville used cars 2014 Asheville Used Car Dealers are a dime a dozen. Just about anyone who can get their hands on a few vehicles, wants to open up a shop to make a quick profit. Some groups buy totaled cars with a clear title, fix a few things, and then sell them as if they never had an accident. Then there are some that could shine up any lemon on the lot and sell it to folks, leaving them to deal with plenty of needed repairs in the near future. My family purchased a vehicle from one of these used car superstores and has had nothing but problems. She bought it as is, with problems that she was not made aware of and all included. Where do you think the term “used car salesman” comes from? It is because unfortunately, to many.. the sale of a vehicle comes before making sure that the buyer receives a dependable vehicle and something where the value is close to the price they are paying for it. asheville used car dealer Appalachian Motors is changing the tone of the industry, at least in the Asheville area. They decided that they were going to make sure that a quality used vehicle (car, truck, van or SUV) was what they were offering on their lot, and selling to folks in the community. This decision was made awhile back. Yesterday growth was inevitable, today it is happening. As other Asheville Used Car dealers are struggling to make it, Appalachian Motors is moving full steam ahead. Their main location on Sardis Rd cannot accommodate of their inventory and customers; so they have attained a new piece of property on Sand Hill Road that is going to allow them to more than double their business. And this is just part of their great news. Two more big moves in the works as we speak. Congratulation to the team over there! You can also see Appalachinan Motors on Facebook.

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