Asheville Twitter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Tweeting or Twittering in Asheville North Carolina is really picking up lately. For some, the question “What are you doing?” is too simple. For others they see fun, opportunity, and a way to bring the Asheville community even closer. We have recently set up an account, but we also have another account that is a little more co-op… called

This latter one (AshevilleNews) is a feed that actually pulls data from about 15 awesome Asheville blogs (including AshVegas, BlogAsheville, Carolina Mornings, The Chamber, AskAsheville, etc), 10 Asheville Twitter accounts (including AshevilleLive, AshevilleBuildr, FoodTopia, AshevillesHot, AskAsheville, PaleoSun, MountainXpress and more)… and more to be added as they become relevant. Everything posted to any of these sites get Twittered or Tweeted on this feed. Of course we did not add your blog if you have not written in several weeks or did not overapply to Asheville (for this AshevilleNews twitter feed at least).

Maybe I was reading of how EdgyMama finally got addicted to YouTube and I thought about how sometimes we hesitate in making a good move that may help our business life or contribute to our personal life in one way or another. I kind of used “Edgy” cause she herself is in several YouTube videos, but never got into WATCHING them. (Note To All: if you take the time to watch a video on YouTube or AOL, take a fraction of a second to hit the rating stars right below the video, thanks!)

I thought about Twitter… and all of the great Asheville names still available… and wonder when are these people going to “see the light” and grab these great urls? Some URL’s that are available right this moment at Twitter for free are AshevilleHair – which would be awesome for a hair salon in Asheville, AshevilleFood – for a restaurant or person that does restaurant reviews (business idea people!), and even AshevilleCity is still available! Man, some of us are slow. You can Twitter through your phone via text (if you do not have internet) or via the web on your phone (if you do)… on your computer of course. Asheville, go to now… and get set up in less than 60 seconds. Grab your name or that wise business tag and start Twittering and Tweeting already. We wanna know… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

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