Asheville Tweetup / Faceup at The Junction May 31, 2012

Have you ever been to The Junction in the River Arts District?  We have and we loved every moment of it. Talk about some great cuisine made from local and fresh ingredients! Add one of their drinks to the mix and WOW! Their cocktails are the freshest we have found in the area, homemade at the bar.

Well on May 31, 2012 at 7pm, a bunch of us from Twitter and Facebook are going over there for a social networking face-2-face event. One Twitter we call it a Tweetup; on Facebook we are now calling it a Faceup.

We invite you! Who? Yeah YOU!!! to come join us, meet some friends, make some new friends, and have an awesome time with us. On Twitter and Facebook and need some new friends? We have made many by going to events like this. And the majority of them are Keepers!

Make this day count with some friends! Be there!!!

Not required… but you can RSVP on Facebook 🙂

Thanks to @RobTheCarGuy for helping set this up! Also follow @AVLTweetUps on Twitter for more information.

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