Asheville Trivia Night at Avenue M on Tuesdays!

Looking for a great restaurant, bar and lounge in North Asheville that has a trivia night? Avenue M is the place to be. Great food and appetizers, a full bar, 14 beers on tap, lounge area, projection screen tv, and an outside patio. The perfect setting! Here is some info that Michelle sent us over:

It’s 90 minutes of fun, general knowledge questions that range from cartoons to politics. It starts at 7:30.  Don’t be late, because you wouldn’t want to miss any questions and lose your advantage.

It’s completely free and a great way to hang out with your friends, but Avenue M has such a great selection of beers, wine, mixed drinks and food that you’ll come for the trivia and stay for dinner and drinks.  It’s always more fun when you add some food and socializing to the mix.  That really is the point of trivia.  Get out with your friends, meet some new friends, exercise your brain, have a good meal, and have some laughs.

It’s hosted by me, Michele Louzon and my husband Jason Hadley keeps score.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman hosting trivia in the Asheville area and I don’t think there are any husband and wife teams.  It definitely gives the questions a different perspective.

We invite you to stop by and join us. Ask for me or the owner Teri, and get ready to answer some questions. A Tiger Blood question was in the mix a couple of weeks ago. Who knows what the questions will be this week??? Bring some answers and we will see you on Tuesday!

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