Moving Sidewalk Tours Asheville North Carolina

In downtown Asheville, NC there is a company called the Moving Sidewalk Tours. These things are awesome they are like glider you stand on that moves on wheels like a dolley. These are called Segway i2. They offer tours of downtown from 10am till 2pm everyday. The cost is $55 a person. I think this is a great way to experience downtown with an interactive tour that you will remember forever. Check out their site at

Here you can see them leaving the Grove Arcade area.

Asheville Historic Trolley Tours

There are several ways to tour Asheville North Carolina. Some people love walking around with a little map, checking out the history of the area, browsing the shops, and talking to the locals. Asheville Trolley Tours is a good place to check out before you do the walking. They show you the highlights and key areas in the City of Asheville. Then after that, you can choose which areas you would like to focus on.