Asheville time to Rise N Shine, and get some breakfast

When folks ask me about a breakfast in Asheville, I usually ask “what end of town?” Of course we have some nice choices in the middle of the downtown area which include Early Girl Eatery, Over Easy Cafe, Mayfel’s and Green Sage. And then we have Sunny Point on the “westside” on Haywood Rd. But many times, the breakfast at Rise N Shine Cafe has wooed us just 3 minutes up Merrimon Ave on the “northside” of town. Not only is the food healthy & so tasty with only the finest ingredients used; but this hipster atmosphere and friendly staff is wonderful as well. Peggy, the owner of Rise N Shine behind the scenes & sometimes the Chef behind the cook station, is a great person as well; community minded and an awesome part of our Asheville family. If she is not there, she is probably home making some homemade jam. I want the Strawberry-Lemon please!

Megan is my favorite waitress at Rise N Shine Cafe, & possibly in all of Asheville North Carolina. And the restaurant is located next to Circle in the Square North so my weekly pizza fetish is satisfied nearby. Also the world famous (at least in our little World) Hop Ice Cream Cafe is on the other side of Rise N Shine, so delicious dessert is just a “hop, skip & jump” away. Breakfast and local homemade ice cream go great together!

They also have a great lunch menu, but when I eat at Rise N Shine Cafe at any time of the day; I usually get the Herb Omelet with toast and fresh fruit. And this is my perfect breakfast in Asheville NC. If you are not a regular at @RiseNShineCafe, stop by sometime and watch yourself become a big fan quickly too. Delish!

Also see Asheville’s Rise N Shine Cafe on Facebook

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