Asheville Mardi Gras 2015 – Meet The King & Queen!

The Asheville Mardi Gras Parade started at 1:00 with folks lining up on Wall Street in Downtown Asheville. Then at around 3:20, the parade kicked off and everyone was celebrating. G Social Media stopped by and took several GoPro videos of this event.

  1. Watch Asheville Second Line
  2. Watch Zabumba
  3. Watch The King & Queen

Asheville “Entertain Me” photography by Audrey Goforth

Asheville Entertainment - Entertain Me We are excited to support the local Arts and Theatre in the Asheville and Western North Carolina community by featuring an Entertain Me page on our website. It is our hope that not only locals, but also visitors to the area check out the incredible productions that these groups and venues offer. Photos by Audrey Goforth Photography and Collage work by Gary Jr.

Complete Works of Shakespeare Review – NC Stage Company Asheville

In my opinion I believe that the playwright accomplished everything to the “T” and with much grace and style as well. I think that it was written to teach about Shakespeare’s history in play writing and it did just that with a lot of humor added in. It appealed greatly to me and I’m sure many others by having a comedic angle.

The show has you hooked from the beginning, with all the humor in the mix of some hard facts. I found the play very informative as well as being entertaining. The Actors were simply on point and never missed a single beat, they kept the audience guessing because not one time did you hear anything other then the gentle “awe”. This is clearly one of the highest-energy and most frenetic examples of stagecraft we’re likely to see anywhere, anytime.

This clever concept of having three acrobatic actors doing scores of English theater’s most famous roles in a short few hours has been around for a quarter-century. It has become a staple for small theater companies, since it requires little more than three energetic male acrobats with keen skills of satire, parody and farce. The players are NC Stage co-founder Charlie Flynn McIver, company mainstay Scott Treadway (also a regular at Flat Rock Playhouse) and relative newbie to this company, Damian Duke Domingue, also from Flat Rock, who each outdo themselves for this show. To even mention all the major roles in only the most famed of Shakespeare’s scripts means a virtual breakneck pace, with more costume changes even than the “Greater Tuna” series. These rapid-fire clothing swaps make for wonder and must be courtesy of Velcro and the aid of several costumers, backstage. The changes and prop swaps are a masterful piece of terrific timing.

To keep the audience locked in, there are frequent contemporary mentions in the script. Honey Boo Boo, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and the K-pop tune “Gangnam Style” get referenced to great delight. You wouldn’t even see it coming, you’d think that it would be something related to these old times but instead it was the presents style mixed with old time stories. Director Angie Flynn-McIver knows her cast and her material and weaves it all together in a manner that leaves the audience breathless. In saying that I’d like to say that I think the play was totally worth it and that there needs to be more plays and mold into our societies lust. The lighting and stage background seemed to really show its true colors half way through the show. The spotlight would beam down onto one of the main actors as he delivers a very emotionally line from one of Shakespeares many plays. Seeing only guys running around on stage was very funny, especially since one had to be the feminine role in some scenes and wear a wig while attempting to sound like a girl as well.

They also had alot of audience participation involved as well, whether it was asking someone in the audience a question or pulling someone up on stage to yell was hilarious.

What an incredible experience!

Post written & photo taken by Gary Jr, student at AB Tech Community College

Prime Ribbing at The Altamont Theatre in Asheville now through June 18, 2011

A couple of us went to the Asheville theatre Prime Ribbing event at The Altamont and had a wonderful time. Political parody, humor and so much fun. An extremely professional production with great acting. The show lasts until June 18th and this is not one to miss!

They also have a WARNING – This is an adult show, not recommended for children or anyone without a sense of humor. LOL. Here is a short video clip I took of the evening.