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Asheville NC Teenager Teen - AskAsheville

The Asheville Teen section of AskAsheville is going to evolve to a community of teenagers from all over Western North Carolina. Any Teenagers in the area that are interested in becoming a part of this section of the website by contributing photography, journalism, art and other forms of expression; please Contact Us and ask about our Internship programs, with certificates; which you can use as extra credit, with your School and Teacher’s approval. It can also be a part of your life and career resume, it can be used in a College and University presentation, and could set you far ahead of any class you are part of for the rest of your educational journey. We start simple, educate you along the way, and help you build a grand portfolio built of of knowledge and experience. More information can be found about our Internship programs on the College page.

Photos featured in the banner above were supplied by Teenagers in the Asheville area, and curated by Joseph D, one of the local Teens who is part of the AskAsheville team. You can also contribute the Asheville Teen page by using the hashtag #avlteen in your Twitter tweets and Instagram photos.

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