The North Carolina Mountain State Fair 2013

North Carolina Mountain State Fair

The North Carolina Mountain State Fair just wrapped up 10 days of rides, attractions and fun at the WNC Agricultural Center on the southside of Asheville in Arden NC. We first stopped in the live animals and farming area and saw Bulls, Llamas, Horses and more. Then we headed down the hill to see all of the excitement and action. Great time for the family, couples, teens and kids. The NC Mountain State Fair is also a good place to bump into friends that we had not seen in years. So nice to see everyone!

Asheville Teens Featured Photography

Asheville NC Teenager Teen - AskAsheville

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Photos featured in the banner above were supplied by Teenagers in the Asheville area, and curated by Joseph D, one of the local Teens who is part of the AskAsheville team. You can also contribute the Asheville Teen page by using the hashtag #avlteen in your Twitter tweets and Instagram photos.

Asheville area Teenagers respond to the Connecticut School Shootings

A tragedy such as the Connecticut School Shootings affect this Country as a whole. As we approach the end of 2012, some heinous crimes are being committed. Some are verbal about this sadness and express it greatly, while others ponder it on the inside and grieve. We have personally done a little of both at different times. Joseph, an Asheville area teenager, did a survey and asked 15 of his connections about the shootings. Here is what they had to say:

1. Julia A – Well I was really upset when I found out about it. The fact that a grown man killed these children or that the fact that he was a coward and killed himself to escape punishment.

2. Taylor K – It was absolutely terrible. The guy that did that was obviously crazy and he shouldn’t have killed himself just so he could go through life with the torture of everyone hating on him for hurting innocent children.

3. Mikela H – If you Google it on the news it says he had a personality disorder.

4. Ben H – If I could, I would have no problem shooting that man in the face.

5. Starla B – I think its truly tragic and personally I was truly dumbfound by how heartless someone could be. Those children had the rest of there life to look forward to and the shooter’s took that away from them. My heart and prayers go out to the families and community affected.

6. Hailey D – I think it’s wrong that a man would want to shoot little kids. He had no right to do it. It makes me sick knowing he planned on doing it. Those little kids did nothing wrong to him, so why shoot them?

7. Mike H – I don’t know what to say about it i mean it was horrible they found out there was 26 bodies.

8. Emily B – I think the world is really coming to be a horrible place. Parents shouldn’t worry about there children going to school… But God has gained a lot of beautiful Angel’s lately.

9. Destiny M – was devastating and heartbreaking and a tragedy for America.

10. Meagan L – It’s sad, and I feel bad for the families that lost their kids but it’s a sad fact of live.

11. Ashliee C – Well my opinion is that it is terrible & the poor innocent kids lost their lives. Overall I hope they make schools safer for children.

12. Kenny K – A terrible incident, bless the children and their families, no one child should have to worry about going to school… it is supposed to be a safe place, bless the kids in that school, and their families.

13. Sydney F – It breaks my heart! I’m very scared to send my children to school in the future.

14. Bethany M – I just think its horrible that so many kids had to be taken away for America to realize they had to start to do something about it.

15. Amanda P – I think it’s complete bullshit and that the guy deserves to burn. I think it’s ridiculous those kids had a lot planned in their future and now they don’t get to experience it because of him. It’s before the holidays. I know their parents are tore up. It makes me grateful of what I have though.

The Connecticut School Shooting is the worst in US history. The world did end far too early for so many just yesterday. Please take a moment to honor these lost lives; and then another moment to be grateful for your own life and the loved ones around you.

***The photo at the top of this article is a screenshot that a local teenager posted on her Instagram profile with the caption.. “This made me cry…”

Asheville Teens Speak – My Favorite Teacher Ever and Why

A bunch of Asheville Teenagers recently participated in a private survey. They were asked “Who is your Favorite Teacher ever, why, and what school?” For this post, it was limited to 50 responses and they are listed below. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your “Favorite Teacher Ever” and why.

1. Brielle F – Mrs. Shope, she taught me a lot and pushed like no teacher has before. Cane Creek Middle

2. Chariden L – Mr. Green at Enka. Because he’s awesome.

3. Paola A – Mrs. Wallace, Spanish teacher at Enka High. She’s just really cool, and she helped me out a lot in school & with personal stuff.

4. Travis H – Mr. Jones at Enka High.

5. Tyler C – My favorite teacher is McRoberts, Enka.

6. Lindsey D – North Buncombe High. my favorite teacher’s name is Mr. Lapp, civics teacher, because he makes learning enjoyable and he’s just all around a great teacher!

7. Sydney W – Her name is Ms. Maggi (pronounced like Maj-e)
Because she never judged anyone and she was always happy and she made everything that we did in gym very fun. I had her in 9th grade at North Buncombe.

8. Amanda B – Umm Mr. Hartley, Enka High School And just cause he was awesome, easy to get along with, and talked to you like you were as old as him, not like a child, and he was really funny and easy going.

9. Faith R – Mrs Brown. Black Mountain Elementary, because she’s nice, really helpful!

10. Hayley S – Hahaha . Uhmmm hmmm . I’d probably have to say Mrs. Winebarger from Candler Elementary! She was the sweetest teacher ever (:

11. Jennifer A – My fav teacher… Mrs Allborg why..because she was nice and when she yelled she would always smile while she was doing it so it made it less worse. Candler Elementary (:

12. Mandiie G – Haha okaaaay. Mr. Kotchmar – SILSA. Because he has complete faith that every student can succeed and never gives up on a student. Also, he makes learning fun.

13. Bernard A – Mrs. Nicholson – Asheville High School.  She is the absolute best music teacher I’ve ever had. She gives every student a chance and actually cares about music. She doesn’t just teach how to sing, she also actually teaches the foundations, and I value her love for music.

14. Hailey D – Ms. Hooper, She is really nice. Enka High.

15. Lillie B – Hmm, Id say Mr. Johnson from Enka Middle. He was chill, and I really enjoyed having him as a teacher, haha.

16. Vallerie A – Mr. Markey, Canton Middle, he seemed really caring of the students. He would always work with his students to make sure they understood.

17. Nelson C – Mr. Weiland, he was chill with me and he was a cool dude! Math teacher at Enka High School.

18. Autumn L – Um, Enka High and my favorite teacher is Mrs Bryant because she’s really nice and it’s an easy class.

19. Starla B – My favorite teacher in High School had to be Mrs. Rhymer. I really just adore her she always took the time to help people no matter what she was doing and shes very understanding and caring and she cared more about you as a person not just as some other student she’s teaching. She teaches different computer classes at Owen High School.

20. Nef J – Mrs. Collins at Black Mountain Primary, if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t know how to read or do math properly.

21. Nicholas A – Haha sure thing. My favorite teacher is Mrs Newman, North Buncombe High School because she taught me more than just education, she is a like a life lesson teacher.

22. Sydney A – Mr. Clements, cause he is a great teacher and he is funny and an automotive teacher, Enka High School

23. Brooke L – Um i would say Mrs. Benton cause her class is really easy and fun and at Enka High

24. Ethan M – Mr. Foote at CHS because he’s awesome in general.

25. Kyle M – Mr. Shaffer, he was always up beat cause he was the coach, Enka

26. Kayla R – Hahah, I’m going to say Mr. Johnson because he helped me so much last year, without him I wouldn’t have been able to get through that year. He was there for me and was just a great influence. Enka Middle..

27. Summer V – Enka, obviously hah. And Mr. Hartley because he takes the time to personally help you if you need it, he actually cares!

28. Olivia M – Mr. Parent. West Henderson, because instead of him giving up on me or being a stuck up teacher, he’s there for me.

29. Maria A – My fav teacher has been Mrs. T because she was my first grade teacher she was always motivating me to talk to others when I was new to school and it was Vance Elementary School. She is a sweetheart and she is unique.

30. Felicia H – Ha ummm, Mrs. Julie Brown of course. North Buncombe Middle. Andddd because she’s beautiful and she’s hilarious and I love her.

31. Hunter B – My 8th grade history teacher. Joshua Alexander. At Enka Middle.

32. Fallon C – Well it was my 10th English teacher Mr. Park. & it was at Palm Beach Lake High School.

33. Scott F – Mrs. Franklin at Enka High and because she was fun and a great teacher.

34. Hunter J – Enka Middle, Ms. King because she was hilarious and a pretty easy class.

35. Patrick M – Mr Dibella, Enka Middle School, helped me get on my feet and start editing videos , thanks to him I have an internship with Lucasfilm.

36. Angel H – Mr. Gesing, Enka High, and because he’s so chill & nice, and fun to have as a teacher!

37. Madison M – Mr. Gillespie because he doesn’t give us homework, we are always working or just goofing off outside, and he is just an all round great guy and North Buncombe High School.

38. Candace H – favorite teacher of all time is John Shepard one of the history teachers at Enka High cause he’s just the best!!!!!!!!!!

39. Taylor W – Mrs. Kurk because she’s like a mom. Enka High

40. Braden H – Mrs. Karnezis, Enka Middle and because she genuinely seemed to care about how i was doing and how my day was going and she was quite hilarious.

41. Estaban F – Mr. Green, he is funny and Enka High School.

42. Kelsey L – Well Mr. Gesing because hes a pretty cool teacher. He’s laid back. Enka High.

43. Sierra L – Mr. Barger from Sand Hill Elementary. awesome and he trusted me to help him out in class like an assistant.

44. Isaiah P – Mr. Wheeler, he’s a substitute, he’s super cool, Enka.

45. Logan C – Mr. Dibella Enka Middle School because he was coolest teacher ever

46. Tre L – Haha. World history. Mr. Smith and Valley Springs. He was so funny!

47. Leah M – Hahaha alright, umm Mr. Jones, because he always makes the class funny, and Enka High.

48. Kristen T – My favorite teacher is Mrs. King and because she just a teacher I can talk to and she adopted me as her daughter. North Buncombe High.

49. Cheyenne L – Mrs. Kuykendall because she was easy going at Community High School

50. Jessica P – Haha. Alright. Well, my favorite teacher was Mrs. Greene because she was nice and knew how to teach things correctly. And she used to be a teacher at Enka High.

Thank you to Joseph for compiling this list!

And these are just a few. There are so many more great Teachers out there that have contributed endlessly to the lives and education of their students. I am a debtor to the folks that taught me. They brought the known to the unknown, education to my emptiness, and light to my darkness. I grew up watching my Aunt and Uncle, who are big educational proponents in NYC, work day and night (and then some) to make sure their students are educated properly and succeed in life. A big thank you to all of the great Teachers who give and gave a part of their heart, mind and soul to their students everyday. Some are recognized, so many go unnoticed; but all of us reap of the benefits of education in our society every single moment.

Please take a minute to comment below and let us know which Teacher or Teachers helped your education and life; wherever it was and however long ago.  Thank you.