Asheville Sushi Lunch Tweetup May 21, 2012

Asheville is known for some great foodie establishments. You can find Sushi at several places in the area. Of course we all have our preferences and we many times find ourselves at Champa. It all started in Hendersonville about 2 years ago when I visited for a meeting. We stopped by Champa and the food, drinks and staff were great! So when they decided to open up a place in the downtown Asheville area, we immediately stopped by to check it out. What did we find? Some great sushi rolls yet again!

Just the other day while I was passing by there, Doug, one of the waitstaff stopped me and said “Did you hear about our All You Can Eat Sushi on Sundays and Mondays?” I was like “Nice!!” Then the next day @Foodtopia tweeted about it, I asked them to meet me there, @RelyLocalAVL and several others jumped in on the plan, and this Asheville Tweetup was born! (For those you who do not know what a Tweetup is: It is a meeting or meetup that was initiated on Twitter, but everyone is invited!)

The date has been confirmed: Monday May 21, 2012 from 11:30am till 2pm and we are going to have a great time! ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi rolls from the menu or custom made. $25 for a Sushi Feast with Friends!! You can just show up to meet and eat with us, and/or you can RSVP to the Asheville Sushi Tweetup on Facebook. See you there!

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