Asheville Sun Yi’s Tae Kwon Do

Are You Looking For

• Cardio Fitness • Weight Loss
• Strength • Flexibility • Coordination • Reflex -response • Balance
• Energy & Vitality

• Focus • Discipline • Intentionality
• Confidence • Social Skills • Self Awareness
• Better School Grades
• Courtesy • Integrity • Perseverance • Self-Control • Indomitable Spirit
• Inner Sense of Peace and Personal Power

• Intelligent & Effective Use of the Body
• Defensive Techniques to Protect Self & Others
• Stranger-Danger Awareness • Bully Prevention
• Conflict Resolution
• Confidence in Ability to Protect Self & Others
You Will Find It All At Asheville Sun Yi’s Tae Kwon Do and so much more.
They offer Mixed Class (All Ages, All Ranks), Yoga (For Everyone), Business Networking International, Music Together (Music Class For MOM, DAD and TODDLERS), Kids-All Ranks (Ages 6 to 11), Nia (Combines Yoga, Dance, Aerobics and Martial Arts), Masters Club(All Ages- Black Belts), Kids- Beginner (6-12yr Just starting out), Kids Advanced (6-11yrs old Orange Belt and Above.), Beginners (Mixed/Adults), Black Belt Kids (6-11yrs old High Orange through Brown), Black Belt Club Adults (12 and Up High Orange through Brown Belt), and The Mighty Tigers (Ages 4 & 5 Years Old).

The Dojang or School can be found at 1341 Parkwood Rd. Patton Square in West Asheville. You Cant Miss it Right behind Sonic on Patton Ave. Next to Jersy Mikes

My 5 year old Son is one of the students at Asheville Sun Yi’s Tae Kwon Do he Loves going to Tae Kwon Do and Studying with Jr. Master Tony Morris. Mr. Morris who teaches the majority of the classes is great with kids and adults. He maintains a commanding presence in the Dojang and has a great sense of humor. Ok He’s Just a big Kid But he Knows his stuff He began to study Tay kwon Do in the 70’s with one of the first Korean Masters to come to America Grand Master Jun Hun Kim in Charlotte North Carolina. My son also like to work out and study with Ashley Banks (Ms. Banks 2 or the younger Ms. Banks will explain later) a 19 Year old university student who holds the special distinction of being Mr. Morris’ First Black belt. Dont let her Age Fool you her maturity far exceeds her years. Her Teaching style is sweet and caring in addition to powerful and precise. Also Teaching at the Dojang and the other Ms. Banks My Son Like to work out with is the Wife, Mother and co-owner of Asheville Sun Yi’s Tae Kwon Do, Ronya Banks (Ms. Banks Aka Mom, Ms. Banks 1 or the older Ms Banks see I told you I would explain later). This is one smart lady She holds a B.A. in Psychology, an A.A.S in Computer Programming and is a certified life coach as well as a certified guerrilla marketing consultant. Ms. Banks 1 as in instructor exhibits a flexible and adaptable style of instruction encompassing a blend of speed, power, precision and most of all fun. See I told you this place has it all.

So Stop in and check it out or give Sun yi’s a Call at 828-515-0142. Now You Could always stop in on December 13, 2008 And see just what all the fuss is about Why December 13? Thats the Next Promotional Testing Date. Lots of new students Testing for that next belt and older students moving on up in rank the day will be exciting, fun and filled with demonstrations.

One Side Note About Asheville Sun Yi’s Traditional Tae Kwon Do Acadamy That I would like to Drive Home. This School is what Asheville is all about. Coming together as a community of all walks of life living and working together as one.

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  1. Very great side note. So true. That is the difference between a house and a home, and a friend and a “friend”. Ttyl Sihid.

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