Help UNC Asheville win $100,000!

Jaron Lane

Photo: Jaron Lane celebrates after UNCA Men’s Basketball’s big win over Coastal Carolina that put them into the Big South Conference regular season lead.

If you follow #Asheville on any form of social media, you’ve probably read about this “NCAA 6th Fan” competition. So what is this competition that has clogged your news feeds since January? “6th Fan” – a play on the “6th Man” title given either to the best reserve player off the bench or a team’s fans – is a contest between all Division I member institutions in which both schools and individual fans can win cash and prizes. Set up like a typical bracket, all member schools competed for a month for the top 16 spots because all Sweet Sixteen entrees receive sweet, sweet $10,000 scholarships each.

Last week, after feverish Facebook, Twitter, and online voting, UNC Asheville succeeded in landing a spot amid the top 16, garnering a $10,000 scholarship to be dispersed to random students (in the university’s own reward competition.)

But, just as Sweet Sixteen competitors still have 4 more games to win it all, UNCA has to make it through 4 more voting rounds to win the ultimate prize – $100,000 in scholarships. That’s where you, Asheville’s loving community, can help! With only 25 hours to go, Asheville is tied with round adversary Bryant University. Every single vote counts, so for UNCA to move on, we need to take to the Twitter-verse, the Facebook-osphere, and the world wide web (sorry, I ran out of creativity for that one.) Simply use the hashtags #UNCA #6thFan together for every Facebook or Twitter post, or vote for UNCA at There is no limit on the number of votes per day, so vote your fingerprints off!

But wait, “what’s in it for me?” On top of awarding scholarships, the 6th Fan contest also gives away an iPad Air for each round, and all entrees are submitted to the final drawing for an all expenses paid trip to the 2015 Final Four in Indianapolis. So, let’s bring the “madness” to February and push UNCA in the Elite Eight!

-Adrian Etheridge, UNCA Cross Country and Track runner, photographer

The Asheville Sochi Snow Olympics 2014!

asheville sochi snow olympics

The Asheville Sochi Snow Olympics are alive and well in Western North Carolina! Yes, it is snowing. So make sure your necessities are covered and lets all get out and have some fun. 

First lets look at some of the “rules” to be a part of these contests:

  1. The photo has to be taken in the Asheville and WNC area, meaning about a 35 mile radius from downtown.
  2. The photo must be taken in this 2014 snowstorm, between the dates of Feb 12 – 15.
  3. The photo must be taken by the person who submitted it.

Here Are The Categories & Prizes:

  1. BEST SNOWWOMAN PHOTO – this is a new competition for our area. Snowmen beware, Snowwomen are on the rise. So get your dresses and wigs out, and lets see your creativity! The winner of this category will receive a dinner from Strada Italiano in downtown Asheville!
  2. BEST SNOWMAN PHOTO – the original Snowman contest! I sense some abominable ideas in the mix for these next few days. The winner of this category will receive a dinner from Pomodoros Cafe in East or South Asheville!
  3. MOST DRESSED IN THE SNOW PHOTO – how many layers can you really put on? Dress up like a snow wookie and get out! The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Frank’s Roman in East or West Asheville!
  4. BEST “COSTUME IN THE SNOW” PHOTO – who wants to place dress up? Bring those costumes out and great freaky in the snow. The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Strada Italiano!
  5. BEST SNOW SLEDDING OR BOARDING PHOTO – it does not even have to be an official sled. Grab your trash can covers and let the sledding begin! The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Pomodoros!
  6. BIGGEST SNOWBALL PHOTO – okay people, how big of a snowball can you make, roll and build? This will be fun! The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Frank’s Roman!
  7. MOST BOTTLES OF “CRAFT BEER IN THE SNOW” PHOTO – yes, we love beer in Asheville, so lets see how many brews you can stack in the snow! The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Strada Italiano!
  8. BEST SNOW ANGEL PHOTO – we love those snow angels! Lets see your creativity on this one! The winner of this category will receive a dinner from Frank’s Roman Pizza!
  9. BEST “KID IN THE SNOW” PHOTO – Kids + snow + great photos!.. so send them in! The winner of this category will receive a pizza from Frank’s Roman!
  10. BEST “PET IN THE SNOW” PHOTO – Woof, meow, or whatever type of pet you have;.. lets see some snow pet photos! The winner of this category will receive a dinner from Pomodoros Cafe!
  11. BEST MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE SNOW PHOTO – Everyone loves these! The winner of this category will receive a dinner from Strada Italiano, a pizza from Pomodoros Cafe, and a pizza from Frank’s Roman!

To Submit Your Photo:

  1. Post your photo publicly to one of your social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Website etc. Then post the link to that photo along with the category you are competing for on the Facebook Page. We have 10 Judges (10% voting power for each judge) that will determine the winner of each category. As a bonus, if you photo gets liked on the AskAsheville Facebook page post that you make, you will get a 1% point for each like, that will be added to your total score when determining results.

*The AskAsheville Team is also scouring the local web, looking for photos to enter into the competition, so we may find your photo ourselves and submit it. Winners will be announced on February 20, 2014 and listed on this blog post. Thank you!


NFL Super Bowl 2014 – Who Is Asheville Rooting For?

asheville super bowl

Asheville is divided when it comes to the NFL Super Bowl 2014. We all have friends on both sides of the fence. We have those rooting for the Denver Broncos, and those rooting for the Seattle Seahawks. Who is Asheville rooting for? So many great places all around Asheville and WNC, featuring the Super Bowl on their big screens! So put on your jerseys, get out there, and cheer your team on!!!

Bobcats and Lady Cats Ready for Pre-Season Game in Asheville

charlotte bobcats and lady cats

Today the Charlotte Bobcats and Atlanta Hawks are competing at the US Cellular Center in the downtown Asheville. While monitoring social media, I noticed the great contributions both the Players and Dance Team are planting in the community. Whether it was going to Mission Hospital to visit some of our local children who are sick, or meeting and greeting folks who were attending the Pink in the Park event for breast cancer; they are leaving a huge impression on the community. Instead of hiding, both the Lady Cats and the Bobcats made themselves accessible, had big smiles on their faces and documented it on Twitter and Instagram. Asheville does not have a local basketball team. The last we had was a semi-pro team called the Asheville Altitude years ago, which did not last long. So for many sports fans in the area, the Charlotte Bobcats (& Lady Cats) are the closest; and they are considered a sort of hometown team. Some of them even have deep roots in the WNC area. Welcome to Asheville NC!

The photo above shows the Dance Team prepped and excited for the game. Thank you to the Lady Cats on Instagram for sharing this and many other photos with all of us!

1 Mile Fun Run / Run for the Hills 5K / Spring Into Action 5K

The Junior League of Asheville and Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy are teaming up to host host a 1 mile Fun Run, 5K and 8K in Fletcher Park on Sunday, May 1 beginning at 1:45pm.

All entrants will receive a T-shirt and stocked race bag and fantastic prizes for top overall race finishers and age group winners.

Where: Fletcher Park
4005 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher, NC
When: Sunday, May 1, 2011
1 Mile Fun Run begins at 1:45pm
Run for the Hills 5K begins at 2:00pm
Spring into Action 8K begins at 2:15pm

5K: $25 (Early Bird rate of $20 before April 28)
8K: $35 (Early Bird rate of $30 before April 28)
Race registration for the Fun Run is $15 or FREE for any child under 12 years of age with a participating adult.

Visit the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy booth at the Junior League of Asheville’s Spring Market on Saturday, April 30 to receive your T-shirt, race bag and disposable timing chip.

Beginning at 2 pm, join us for the Fitness Finale Celebration at the Spring Market, at the Expo Buiding at the WNC Ag Center (1301 Fanning Bridge Road) – only 2.5 miles from Fletcher Park.