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Here are a few ways that G Social in Asheville North Carolina can help you and your business, network with you, and compensate you. G Social can produce an effective turnkey solution in Social Media for any business, including yours.

Here are a few ways that G Social Media can help and network with your business:

1. G Social Agents – Registered Agents, whether businesses or individuals, of G Social Media earn up to 20% of the package sold to the client they refer to our company. (Example: a $2000 package contracted would put $400 into your pocket – or with a $900 (basic package) you would earn $180). To register to become a “G Social Agent”, simply send us an email with your information, what you do, etc and we will review it and send a confirmation out with some instructions.

2. G Social Benefit – G Social Media will donate up to 10% of the cost of the package you contract to a worthy approved cause of your choice. The donation would be sent from G Social and You! If you live in the Asheville North Carolina area, we recommend that you contribute to a great local cause such as American Rainbow Rapid Response, Hearts with Hands, Western North Carolina Aids Project, Western Carolina Rescue Mission, Red Cross, local Sickness and Injury Benefits, and many others you may know of and recommend. If you do not live in the Asheville area, feel free to present the cause of your choice.

3. G Social Referral – People or businesses can refer clients to G Social Media and receive a 5% referral commission. If the client you refer purchases a $2000 package, you will receive $100. Help a friend or business get all over the Internet and make a bonus at the same time. For proper credit, please contact us and make the connection, or they need to please specify that you are referring them to us.

4. G Social Media Barter – By the request of some local companies: Businesses may offer to Barter with G Social Media for up to 25% of the contracted package price upon approval, if G Social is in need of this certain product or service. We support business so this is a solution to assist company owners with costs, while contributing to their businesses at the same time. Great networking! You would simply contact G Social with your business information and what you would like to offer in exchange.

***Note: these offers can only be used individually. Please pick from either 1, 2, 3 or 4 if they apply. Thank you.

Warning – Asheville Businesses, check your tech person asap!

I woke up with this great urgency today. When dealing with social media (or most professions), you assume that your team has you up to par with the newest and best media avenues available. This is usually not the case. Just because you have a “Prez” or “VP” in marketing, does not necessarily mean you are covered.Here are a few key questions, not to ask your “expert” (we all know the right answers, lol), but to maybe ask yourself… (Please turn the music off, stop yelling at the kids, and meditate on these questions)

1. Does my marketing guru have a Facebook or MySpace page? This is pretty elementary, but a must! If your guru does not use a social network platform to simply connect, I believe it will be a long time before your company properly connects. I feel so weird saying this…but in 2009, you are the dying exception if you do not ride one of the many social networks. I can actually look at someones Facebook page for 1 minute and tell you if they know anything about current 2009 marketing.

2. What are your company’s main media outlets? Print is dying, just “having a website” without engaging will not do, and the Internet is growing and exploding daily. Which direction do you think you should head in?

3. Is your company headed toward “Social Selfishness”? They may wear a network badge, but they have “The Lone Ranger” hat on. This is the opposite of Networking. Many times people who do not understand the power of a network, shun away from the “gimmes”. Sometimes it is lack of knowledge, sometimes it is pride, sometimes it is an “anti-tech”attitude (just because they are “in the industry”, or know how to build websites… does not mean their web faith is perfect and they know what to do). Whatever the reason is, it will choke the life out of your company. Companies cannot breath when they are not properly connecting. This is where G comes in.

I tried to contact a local business friend recently online and someone wrote me back saying “hi… I’m… and I handle all of their online work”. I thought “Really?!” You have actually hired someone to keep you “in the dark” and to pat you on the back and tell you “I got it covered” when they really don’t. Not trying to discredit anyone where credit is due, but I see what many “marketing pros” are doing and there is not much credit to be given! Of course, I could be positive and say “they are trying, and using what they know”, and then I will yell to myself “no excuse”. Shooting in the dark may work for businesses who want to stand still, but for us who are all about maximizing the effectivity, it is a dead end… replaced sooner or later depending upon how quickly you realize how important these new Media avenues are. Or maybe, by some tiny chance, your “media expert” may be doing a fantastic job, researching, updating their info weekly, and they know. Make sure of this!!! Some simply need a quick update from our company or another SME. Great! Information is key. We are simply informing you of what to look for.

*What can you do now? As we have said above, your Social Media person may just need some new training. Depending on how “open” they are, it can take a few hours to a few days; depending on what they want to learn, absorb, and be effective in. If I were you, I would require this learning. I could teach most people a nice 4 hour course that could keep them busy for a very long time. If you get familiar fast and want more, I can give it. I offer a support package where I evaluate your platforms once a month with coaching, and a package where I send you the latest possibilities that could fit your business and staff with urgent updates at any time.

Maybe you need a replacement? I watched another business who is pretty big (but struggling some) hire a “nice person” with a nice resume but with limited current knowledge, to fill their marketing position. (a nice person that knows “new media” is so much better). I happened to be at the same dinner table with this marketer one night, and she spoke a whole different previous market language which is fading oh so quickly. Some of the ideas were so old, I pretty much purposely erased them from my mind a few years ago. She was lost and really thought she “had it”. I got sad for a minute and moved on without event. She did not get my verbal “crash course”. (Why?, they are my friends, but honestly they have a “closed minded” business model that will not listen, even to me, for awhile… and when they do listen, they are sure to use some second class/hand shortcut, and wonder why they are forever behind). Something may be “new to you”, but be very old to the industry (very old could be 90 days). This is Business Suicide!

Maybe you just need to source you marketing, media, and social communications out to a firm such as ours, take advantage of our “hands on training”, and get it right once and for all. Then, as our client; when we learn something new, we pass it directly to our circle of clients. We can show you results quickly and then set up monthly or quarterly goals to make sure your whole team is moving forward with the plan. This is what we do.Listen To Me! And then simply say “I want to know, Teach Me”… And I Will! Or just come back and find me when you have exhausted all of your other resources that you thought could have helped. But then again… better late than never, they say, lol (I am laughing out loud right now). Me? I personally hate the word late, especially when business lives are at stake. Email me sometime. (Taken from

How Did Twitter Change Your Life?

I have been thinking about this for several days now and finally have a full rounded idea of how this is working. It used to be when we had or heard of some news, we sent it to one of the conduits available at the time, whether it was “back then” when we telephoned the local news station… or if it was even more recently in emailing our news to the TV stations and/or sending it via text messages.

News, and ways to receive it has changed dramatically even in the past 6 months. The actual news “paper” is in trouble. Television stations are showing old news by 11 o’clock in the evening. The Age of Twitter has come! People no longer have time for, or want to have to get the newspaper and read through a long drawn out article. The main news is in the headline… and then maybe a short subtitle, perfect for the 140 character Tweeting.

I thought about how got that photo of the airplane down in the Hudson around the world in moments. I was not waiting for the news, and I did not have to even wait for the online news feeds to get the story. Jkrums was there and so was I!

I was thinking last night how the future of news is going to change drastically in the next 12 months. News reporters and big video cameras are no longer needed. The best reporter a news station can hire in this new 2009 tech era is one who knows how to use a Smartphone (Blackberry in my case, but I want an ObamaBerry!) and a Flip Video Camera.

Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC. heard about Twitter through and quickly grabbed the Asheville Home Builders url with the max amount of characters allowed. Nice. I was talking to Miss North Carolina International tonight, and she is the first (Numero Uno!) active Miss International to ever be represented on Twitter. Wow! Melissa’s url is This is a whole new day and age… and when somebody yells something new or high tech, you best listen my friend.

Asheville Twitter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Tweeting or Twittering in Asheville North Carolina is really picking up lately. For some, the question “What are you doing?” is too simple. For others they see fun, opportunity, and a way to bring the Asheville community even closer. We have recently set up an account, but we also have another account that is a little more co-op… called

This latter one (AshevilleNews) is a feed that actually pulls data from about 15 awesome Asheville blogs (including AshVegas, BlogAsheville, Carolina Mornings, The Chamber, AskAsheville, etc), 10 Asheville Twitter accounts (including AshevilleLive, AshevilleBuildr, FoodTopia, AshevillesHot, AskAsheville, PaleoSun, MountainXpress and more)… and more to be added as they become relevant. Everything posted to any of these sites get Twittered or Tweeted on this feed. Of course we did not add your blog if you have not written in several weeks or did not overapply to Asheville (for this AshevilleNews twitter feed at least).

Maybe I was reading of how EdgyMama finally got addicted to YouTube and I thought about how sometimes we hesitate in making a good move that may help our business life or contribute to our personal life in one way or another. I kind of used “Edgy” cause she herself is in several YouTube videos, but never got into WATCHING them. (Note To All: if you take the time to watch a video on YouTube or AOL, take a fraction of a second to hit the rating stars right below the video, thanks!)

I thought about Twitter… and all of the great Asheville names still available… and wonder when are these people going to “see the light” and grab these great urls? Some URL’s that are available right this moment at Twitter for free are AshevilleHair – which would be awesome for a hair salon in Asheville, AshevilleFood – for a restaurant or person that does restaurant reviews (business idea people!), and even AshevilleCity is still available! Man, some of us are slow. You can Twitter through your phone via text (if you do not have internet) or via the web on your phone (if you do)… on your computer of course. Asheville, go to now… and get set up in less than 60 seconds. Grab your name or that wise business tag and start Twittering and Tweeting already. We wanna know… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!