Asheville Social Media by G Social Media

Here are a few ways that G Social in Asheville North Carolina can help you and your business, network with you, and compensate you. G Social can produce an effective turnkey solution in Social Media for any business, including yours.

Here are a few ways that G Social Media can help and network with your business:

1. G Social Agents – Registered Agents, whether businesses or individuals, of G Social Media earn up to 20% of the package sold to the client they refer to our company. (Example: a $2000 package contracted would put $400 into your pocket – or with a $900 (basic package) you would earn $180). To register to become a “G Social Agent”, simply send us an email with your information, what you do, etc and we will review it and send a confirmation out with some instructions.

2. G Social Benefit – G Social Media will donate up to 10% of the cost of the package you contract to a worthy approved cause of your choice. The donation would be sent from G Social and You! If you live in the Asheville North Carolina area, we recommend that you contribute to a great local cause such as American Rainbow Rapid Response, Hearts with Hands, Western North Carolina Aids Project, Western Carolina Rescue Mission, Red Cross, local Sickness and Injury Benefits, and many others you may know of and recommend. If you do not live in the Asheville area, feel free to present the cause of your choice.

3. G Social Referral – People or businesses can refer clients to G Social Media and receive a 5% referral commission. If the client you refer purchases a $2000 package, you will receive $100. Help a friend or business get all over the Internet and make a bonus at the same time. For proper credit, please contact us and make the connection, or they need to please specify that you are referring them to us.

4. G Social Media Barter – By the request of some local companies: Businesses may offer to Barter with G Social Media for up to 25% of the contracted package price upon approval, if G Social is in need of this certain product or service. We support business so this is a solution to assist company owners with costs, while contributing to their businesses at the same time. Great networking! You would simply contact G Social with your business information and what you would like to offer in exchange.

***Note: these offers can only be used individually. Please pick from either 1, 2, 3 or 4 if they apply. Thank you.

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