Stranded in the Snow in Downtown Asheville

Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the Asheville snow to start. It came, then stopped, then started again, then stopped, then finally the snowgates opened and we ended up with about 7 inches in downtown Asheville. At our properties in Weaverville, we received around 4 inches of snow. Getting stranded in downtown Asheville is really not that bad compared to being stuck in some out the outlying areas and towns nearby. During the Blizzard of ’93, my mom and dad were stuck on top of a mountain all the way down Reems Creek. Luckily, the storm did not do too much damage, but it will still take the area a few days to recoup and get back in the groove. 

The snow started falling on Pritchard Park, which prompted this winter wonderland photo. The Weinhaus was serving Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate, and Highland Brewing Cold Mountain. The snowy evening was perfect.

Wall Street in downtown Asheville looked so beautiful in the snow! A crew of us walked about, took photos and spent some time at Isa’s Bistro warming up with a few drinks.

We also too this beautiful photo of College Street, with the snow steadily coming down.


It was like a snow oasis, until we spotted this hotel. Through the storm, it was a beacon of light for us. Ahhh, The Hotel Indigo!

hotel indigo asheville

After getting settled in at the Indigo, their concierge team loaded us up with food and craft brews. We were then ready to get snowed in some more.

asheville lady jaguars

We wandered out, stopped by the snowball fight, listened to some dubstep at Timo’s with friends, then plugged our own tunes into the system and had a snow party at the Vault, played pool and jukeboxed at the Bier Garden, and got to hang with one of Asheville’s Lady Jaguars. Stranded in the Snow ended up being a lot of fun!

White Christmas comes to Asheville NC in 2010

They called for snow, and then they called it off. Then, it went back and forth until Christmas morning when the snow started falling all around the Western North Carolina region. Downtown Asheville was covered with snow on Christmas morning for the first time in years, and as of now, more than ever before. Records were broke. Here is a short video we made while cruising around town, being very careful as there were over 300 accidents reported.

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The Snow Came down in Asheville recently

The night before the snow began to fall in Asheville North Carolina, we were up to about 4 in the morning working on several things online. We were pretty sure that the snow forecast was not going to happen. Then… just a few hours later, we wake up to the snow coming down pretty good. Asheville has not had a snowstorm like this since 1993. Even T-Shirts were made that proclaimed “I survived the Blizzard of ’93.” With thousands of people without power, I heard that Ed the wood man was out in Weaverville actually guarding his giant stacks of wood because folks were stealing pieces to make a fire, get some heat, and even cook some food. We talked to a neighbor that said “we are from Florida and never planned on anything like this.” While some were struggling to keep their family warm and fed; others were enjoying Asheville’s winter wonderland by sledding and building snowmen.

What was your recent experience in the Asheville snowstorm? Please leave your comments below…

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Another post about the snow…

It was a dark and stormy night…

No really, it was. The power went out around 4 pm on Friday, and the snow was coming down like the dandruff from that girl in “The Breakfast Club”, not that you could see it. I’d already made the first of what would be several obsessive phone calls to Progress Energy (I’m afraid of the dark, okay? And to their credit, they had the power back on well before they said they might) and the kids were flopped on the floor in a pile of pillows and blankets, having eaten a dinner of cold cereal by candlelight.

Modern technology kept us company overnight, thanks to an MP3 player tuned to some lite-rock radio station playing Christmas carols. Not the best background noise, but at least we were all asleep before they played what Thing One calls “The Dead Mom Song.”

By morning my poor little van was buried, the bumper peeking out between the snow on the ground and the pile on the hood, my signature pink shades mocking me from where they hung from the rearview mirror. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of snow, and waking up to a cold bed, colder toilet seat, and a snow-covered road didn’t do much for my mood. Still, the kids were overjoyed-they’re homeschooled, so this is as close as they get to a snow day. Bundled up, wrapped in layers of shirts and pants and scarves and boots, they piled out into the yard, playing in snow that buried my littlest baby up to her knees. There were snowballs flying everywhere, snowmen sprouting from the ground everywhere you looked, and wee little footprints that showed their exuberance, criss-crossing across the snow. The sun came out unashamed, lighting the sky peach and pink and plum, as if it had done nothing wrong in abandoning us the day before.

By and by the lights flickered on and off and then on again to stay, and we settled back into the old weekend routine: I napped for a bit, woke up and watched “Empire Records” for the millionth time; the kids flopped in front of the Wii and the television; and the kettle hummed on the stove, heating water for cocoa and chai. The only clues to the winter storm that you could tell from inside the house were the piles of damp, discarded clothes and snow-covered boots littering the front room.

Outside the snow is still there, the road undisturbed by snowplow or salt truck. I still don’t want to look at the stuff-days like this, my heart is back in Florida where I could run barefoot all year and never freeze-but my shelves are stocked with food, my cell phone is charged so I don’t go through text withdrawal from my dear friend Newt in Vermont, and all my babies are home, safe and warm where they belong.

Life is sweet, loves… happy snow day.

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