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Search engine optimization is nothing new to Asheville North Carolina. As a matter of fact, we have some quiet (& a few loud) SEO pros living in these mountains. Now just because you were once an “expert” does not mean you are still one. The industry constantly changes, and if you do not educate yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; you could quickly fall off of the scene. The industry has taken a step up. Charging clients $1000 a month for an automated report or for a blog post that nobody reads just doesn’t work around this town. You demand results and want to see progress on a regular basis. We make sure this happens.

When Asheville businesses inquire about Search Engine Optimization, the team does an evaluation of what you currently have in place. Having your website optimized for the search engines at minimum is vital to your online life. Once that is complete, there are certain things you can do to improve your SEO on a monthly basis whether it is local here in Asheville, Regional, Nationwide or Worldwide. Search engine spiders are smart. People are smarter and want real results and information. Whether it is blogging on-site or on a 3rd party blog, SEO with videos, applicable backlinks, directory submissions of your website or blog or an array of other options; our team can successfully do this for your Asheville business.

Let’s do an article about your company and vision! Let’s do videos of how you came to be! Planting seeds online each month will increase your digital footprint tremendously, and thus your business. We can easily add the Asheville social media, distribution and marketing aspect to this… people will click a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to see your website and content, and your search engine optimization credibility increases. We are currently building a social media coop where many businesses will be heavily co-supporting each other online in SEO and SM.

We have many testimonials and years of references showing what we have done for companies in the Asheville area and beyond. SEO packages from the inside team at AskAsheville start at as little as $300 per month under a small biz plan 6-month contract so you can see what we can do for you. Our team can also accommodate custom, larger and corporate packages up to $10k+ per month. Contact G Social Media for more information.

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