Asheville Seasonal Sizzle at Seven. Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / MySpace Party on Dec 5th at 8pm

Asheville North Carolina is known for its growing technology crowd and resources. If anywhere is connected well online, we are. We have a great Facebook community, not only from the area, but also fans of the city of Asheville. If this social networking platform was not available, our local connections would have been very limited with lots of hard work. Twitter is also a huge hit in this “neck of the woods”. Individuals, businesses, churches, car dealerships, auto repair, restaurants, hotels, musicians, and just about every niche you can think of is reaching out on Twitter. MySpace Tweeps are everywhere too!

On December 5th, 12th, and 19th, Seasonal Sizzle at Seven in Asheville is going to be a great time of fun and excitement in the Downtown area. From 4-7pm, lots of folks will be checking out the local Asheville restaurant scene and shopping all around Downtown AVL. At 7pm the fireworks will begin to light up the Asheville sky for about 20-30 minutes. These will be AVL “nights to remember”, so if you are in the WNC community, make plans to be around!
The City of Asheville, Grove Park Inn, Asheville Chamber and many local businesses and media groups like AskAsheville are working together to make this a very special time for AVL and visitors who wish to spend some time with us. Christmas holidays and days leading up to December 25th are going to be awesome in Asheville. Make plans to come!!!

As a special event, we are holding an Asheville Twitter #avltweetup, Facebook #avlfaceup, Linked In #avllinkup, and MySpace #avlspaceup party at the Grove Park Inn in Elaine’s Piano Bar at 8pm on December 5th. After shopping, eating, and enjoying the fireworks at 7pm… head over to enjoy a great networking party with a bunch of friends or friends to be. You do not have to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace to attend, but you very well may want to after this party. Everyone is invited and you can bring your whole group with you.

Elaine’s Piano at The Grove Park Inn is putting together some special pricing for the evening, prizes will be given out, and lots of great people will be there, including you! The Mountaintop Musicians and the slamming pianos start playing at 9pm and we are going to bring this Asheville Seasonal Sizzle in with more than a bang. We may even have some of our other local musicians come in and do some Karaoke with us. Maybe you want to sing too?! Fine with us!

Elaine’s Piano Bar at the Grove Park Inn is the perfect setting for this great event. Booths, tables, couches, lounge, bar and so much first class space for Asheville to enjoy. On one of my recent visits there, I called it one of Asheville’s best kept secrets when it comes to nightlife.

*So make sure you have these dates down in stone:
December 5, 2009
– Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm. Grove Park Inn Elaine’s Piano party at 8pm
December 12, 2009 – Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm
December 19, 2009 – Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm – Maybe a Christmas party at Elaine’s?? We will see!
If you are on Facebook, you can see the event HERE
Asheville photo taken from Explore Asheville
Article by G Social Media in Asheville

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