Asheville Salvation Army collecting at The Mast General Store

Quick pick of a great Santa salesperson for the Salvation Army. I watch his interaction for about 4 minutes and he was very jolly! Some businesses in Asheville allow the Salvation Army to collect money outside. We have also see them in front of Ingles Grocery stores a lot, so Bob does some there. Thanks. About 2 years ago, Wal-Mart had kicked the Salvation Army away from their store, but after much heat, they sent out a hardy welcome, lol. To read Wal-Marts positive press release when they re-allowed the SA, click HERE. Haha, they knew to back off.

The Mast General Store is a wonderful stop in Downtown Asheville. On the main level, you will find a lot of clothing for men, women, and children. You will also find a “candy corner” a “nic-nac corner”, and lots of other things to keep your interest for awhile. When you head downstairs, there is an awesome shoe shop, more clothing, hiking gear, back packs, hats, and more. I really enjoy walking around this store. and

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