Asheville Restaurants in Biltmore Park Town Square

If you have not been up to Biltmore Park Town Square in South Asheville, you are missing a great world of shopping, eating, movies and more. They did a great job building a town out of pretty much nothing. We head up there weekly or at least every two weeks for one thing or another. We have even considered moving there, right in the heart of town. Having many great food options in one spot is more of a luxury instead of a competition. There is a little (or a lot) of something for everyone to eat!

P.F. Changs is located immediately upon entering into Biltmore Park Town Square. We definitely love the Asian food they offer.

131 Main is located to the right of the Biltmore Regal Grande movie theater. We have not eaten here yet, but we have heard great things about this place.

Brioso Fresh Pasta is one of our faves. We have actually eaten there 3 times in the past 7 days. The Ravioli alone is definitely worth the trip. Prices are so very reasonable for the quality of food they offer. Nice looking craft beer and wine bar too!

Travinia is also a nice spot to eat in the area. Our friends have raved about this place many times.

Brixx Pizza is a great spot for pizza and beer, and several other items to eat. We have been there about 5 times.

Hickory Tavern is another nice  spot in the area to eat a great variety of foods and hang out. They also have a big bar. We have been there about 7 times.

Mosiac Cafe is a breakfast and lunch spot in Biltmore Park Town Square. As far as I know, they have the lockdown on breakfast in the whole area. Great food!

Neo Burrito is also in the area, offering Burritos and more. I guess this is the “latin twist” in the community.

And don’t forget the Luscious Roux located in the Hilton Asheville Hotel! The only restaurant that does not “stand alone” and they have delicious food offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stop by and check these places out! Foodies are sure to find several places they will love.


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