Asheville Restaurant – Curras Dom – only 17 days to live

Starting a business and making it work in this current economy in Asheville is difficult. Money affects everyone. When people are getting laid off and jobs are being lost, people cut back on their spending. It starts with the consumer, then hurts businesses, then the employees are left without a job. Here is some sad news in Asheville: Curras Dom on the North side of town, Woodfin area, may be closing their doors on January 3rd if a miracle does not happen. This is devasting to us as we have seen the labor Marco and his wife have put into this place. This is one of our top 3 restaurants when going from North Asheville’s Ingles on Merrimon Ave through Woodfin to Weaverville NC.

Curras Dom is a great restaurant about 1 minute past Beaver Lake on the left hand side in North Asheville. Many of us remember when it used to be HB’s Drive In and you could order your food from your car while parked in front. Marco Garcia and his wife Amy have put a tremendous amount of effort into establishing their business in the area. They have been in operation for 2 years and guests love the dining options. Reynolds Mountain is just up the hill and lots of development is planned in the area. YMCA also just recently opened nearby. Altura Asheville is also starting on their development and planning on bringing in the new year with some large construction projects. Big area expansion is expected to take place in the next year and a half.

I don’t know if you frequent the North Asheville Woodfin area, but as you pass Beaver Lake you should be aware of the restaurants in the area. Frazier’s Steakhouse is on your right, Nicks Sandwiches and Subs on the right, Curras Dom on the left, Franks Pizza on the right, Bellagio Bistro on the right, Fireplace Restaurant on the right, Mother & Son Bistro on the left (in the shopping plaza where Thai Citrus is about to also open,) and finally the Bavarian Lodge restaurant on the left.

Curras Dom offers modern authentic Mexican cuisine. I have personally eaten there several times and every meal has been wonderful. The staff is friendly, the wine list is great, and sometimes music is playing outside on the patio that Marco had built from recycled materials that were going to be wasted. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful. A tremendous amount of effort was put into this dream.

Marco says “We love the Mountains, People, and Culture of Asheville North Carolina and have the most supportive people in the World. I love taking care of guests, busy or not, at the end of the day is very rewarding to know everybody loved it.”

Several Asheville businesses have been very supportive of their work at Curras Dom. Vivid Image does all their printing and also trade with them. Get Roasted is a local coffee roaster where they buy their coffee, and they send lots of people to Curras. Marco provides some of the best Mexican food in the area, an awesome Margarita and a top notch Wine list. They are members of A.S.A.P so they buy a lot or most of our produce from local farms, and also buy local free range meats. They do not sell bottled water and recycle everything they can.

I spoke to the owners of Mother & Son Bistro and they are not very happy about this news at all. I also spoke to Angelo at Bellagio Bistro and he said “that stinks” and that he is very supportive, not competitive, of other businesses in the area and hope that they somehow pull through. That is the spirit of this community. Marco has lowered many of their prices to cater to the current economy, but without an outside investor and an answered prayer, the doors will be closing on January 3, 2010 and a great Asheville business will be lost. Maybe you can help or support Curras?

Curras Dom – Modern Mexican Cuisine
72 Weaverville Hwy
Asheville NC 28804
Phone: (828) 253-2111

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2 thoughts on “Asheville Restaurant – Curras Dom – only 17 days to live

  1. As a fellow restaurant owner, seeing a great place like Curras face closing its doors is scary!! Whos next?? We along with many other restaurants in Asheville are not competing with eachother, but fighting to stay in business with the ecconomy they way it is. We support Marco and his staff and hope that a miracle does happen before the 3rd.

  2. I have driven past this restaurant hundreds of times over the past 2 yrs and each time thinking to myself "I need to check this place out" and yet,I did not. I will make it a point to stop within the next 2 weeks!

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