5 Asheville Rental Car Options

asheville rental cars Renting a car in Asheville seems like a simple choice. There are several places to choose from that offer a wide variety of vehicles with plenty of options. I guess you can say that we have been around the block with car rental companies. We have rented vehicles for everything from traveling, to moving, or while our SUV was in the shop, and even just for fun. Enterprise, Budget, Dollar and Avis became sort of household names for awhile. Some rental places offer great rates with unlimited miles; while others try to “get you” coming and going with fees for just about anything. When traveling, the last thing I need to worry about is how many miles I am driving; so unlimited miles is definitely a perk that I pay attention to. Nissan Asheville Car Rental To rent a car in Asheville North Carolina, you must have a driver’s license, insurance (or pay for their insurance), and be over 21. We found out recently that Anderson Nissan of Asheville now has rental cars, trucks and SUVs available so we are all over that. Nissan makes a great vehicle as it is, we have and had several, but getting to try out all of these new car options is such an experience. Most recently, we rented a red Nissan Altima S, and this vehicle is wonderful. We have used it all around the Asheville area, and for a roadtrip to Charlotte NC the other day. What a ride! I also realized that I cannot live without XM Radio music, as this is one of the features on this specific rental car. I am now going to get it installed on all of our personal vehicles!Asheville Auto Rental Nissan I wanted to rent a 370Z sportscar from Anderson Nissan the other day so I could cruise around the hood alone and in super-speed style, but this is not a rental option at the moment. They do have the Nissan Versa Note, Sentra, Altima, Rogue and Frontier. So I can get sporty in the Altima, tough in the Rogue, or rough with the Frontier pickup truck which can be rented for 4 hours at a time, say you need to move something around town. The Asheville airport is less than 10 minutes away, so when I fly back into town, Rob Smith of Anderson Nissan will be right there waiting for me, with bells on, as I get off the plane.

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