Asheville Real Estate is once again a Seller’s Market!

asheville real estate sell your home

It was just a few years ago that Asheville was booming with home and property buyers. I mean folks were coming from all ends of the United States to get in on a piece of the action. Home Builders in the WNC area had a waiting list and got to choose the clients they wanted to work with. We actually had our main teams solely on home building and real estate media. And business was so good! That was around 2008-2009, right before the “Great Depression” hit. Some companies with a large overhead had to fold up and close their doors. Others had to layoff much of their staff and get extremely hands-on themselves. Companies that had been in business for years missed payroll for the first time. Lawsuits were as common as new clients. Money was no longer coming in, and people were spending a lot less. Everyone was suffering.

Today is a New Day! 2013 is here. People are settling down financially and mentally; and resettling in Asheville and Western North Carolina. I talked to Donna Prinz of Keller Williams Realty in Asheville today, and she asked me.. “Do you know anyone, ANYONE, that wants to sell their home??!” I was like Huh?! It caught me off guard as my mind spun and I thought about how my hometown community is not only exploding with tourism, but we are also headed back up on the real estate wave. Government shutdown or not, Asheville’s got it going on!

So are we back on track for Western North Carolina to come together and be one of the fastest growing areas in the United States? Many think so. Some of my real estate friends say the area is about to snowball, and end up with a long waiting list of people to get in. Developers and home builders will be overwhelmed with work, paying folks in the construction industry to relocate here and supply the demand. Next is attracting new jobs to the area. Sound great right? It’s gonna happen!

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