Asheville Rapper Darnell Brittingham, Streets, King Tut – Rest In Peace

Many of us in Asheville know Darnell personally. He grew up in Asheville, went to Asheville High School, and was looking forward to a Football scholarship. Things happened, his opportunity started decreasing, and he ended up trying to hustle to survive. After several years of running around Asheville, Streets ended up in prison for a few years. When he was released, less than a year ago, he had nothing but aspiring dreams of getting “out of this bad life and mentality” and getting “his music” on the charts. He used to brag that “nobody has the hip-hop that is coming from my heart”, simply encouraging himself with the wording and rhymes he had written (He had books filled with his work). Darnell was about to enter Life on Life’s Terms, a residential support and life rehabilitation center run by Matt Bacoate and David Perry, on Flint Street in Asheville when a “bigger and better” opportunity arose. Like many of us would have done, he took it. Streets had many hopes and dreams that were soon smothered and choked by circumstances. He was considered a “leader” by many who know and have met him. He has family and many friends in the Asheville North Carolina community including his best friend “Gudda”.

Darnell started working the 730 Diplomats (730 Dips), assuming the name “King Tut” and was in line to release some of his music singles soon. He began dating a model in New Jersey and ended up in some bad company. He was arrested in February on a drug charge, was released on bail, and ending up in a stabbing incident with the woman who bailed him out a few hours later. King Tut was now on the run.

Here is the piece off of “Dipset affiliate King Tut shot himself in the head on a New York highway last night (March 17) after being surrounded by police…. According to The Journal News, police discovered that King Tut had been hiding at a local motel and they followed him leaving the motel in a taxi with an unidentified woman. The police would pull over the taxi and while the driver and the female were coming out of the car, King Tut killed himself. King Tut is a member of the 730 Dips which is affiliated with The Diplomats.”

Here is a piece taken from Jazimine, a California and New York model that King Tut was with at the time of his death:
“I promised you i would ride or die for you until death do us part. But it happened so soon and so fast right before my very eyes. I tried to control you at that moment but it was too late. Though your dead your not gone from my heart, mind and soul. I ride for you forever. I love you. I just wish you wouldnt have left me the way you did. We had plans for our life. You took our life away. It was going to be ok. I held you down and we accepted each others faults and saw the real in each other. You always told me you could tell we were meant for each other through our eyes and you knew I was real. You f… with Luck and he told you it was destined in the stars. Why Honey? Why did you leave us? I have you in my heart for eternity. I try to stay strong because you told me if anything happened to you, dont cry. But how can i hold it inside honey? When i close my eyes at any moment of my day i just see that very moment where you took your life away. I told you please don’t do this. I see it, but think its a bad dream and i’m waiting for you to wake me up from it. Prince Tut misses you too. His ears are still ringing from the shots. He lays in your T-shirt everynight. He misses you. We miss you. But i’ll make this Muga as you say and keep my head up high. We fly high right? I tell myself everything you’ve told me to recite in the mirror 20 times a day. You’re my angel. I love you.”

The funeral will be held in Asheville in the next week or so. 730 Diplomats, Pastors and many others are planning on getting involved. While talking to one of the “Dips” earlier today, he mentioned that he was in pieces over this bad situation, he will not let this death be in vain, and King Tut will live on… teaching many of us some valuable lessons that may save another life or two in the future.

2 thoughts on “Asheville Rapper Darnell Brittingham, Streets, King Tut – Rest In Peace

  1. Hello I relish everyone that played a part in Darnell’s life. I really dearth to get the information right about my son. He is not an Asheville native. He was born in Florida. He was raised by me his mother in South Carolina . He frequent visited his father in Asheville along with his older brother and younger sister. Please if your going to publish information about someone as beautiful as he get your facts right. And yes he did the last three years of high school in Asheville. Thank you for your time.

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