Asheville Rallies for Trayvon Martin

While downtown Asheville in a meeting, I looked at my Twitter feed and found out that there was a rally for Trayvon Martin just a block away. I quickly finished and raced up there to talk to a few of the people and get some media footage. WLOS was on the scene as well doing interviews. Here is a quick video I took:

One thought on “Asheville Rallies for Trayvon Martin

  1. A lot of the recent information has not lent itself to a corroboration of the Zimmerman story. However given that this information has been filtered through a media that has routinely skewered the facts (digitally manipulated photo’s, a video that looked edited, a failure to report Trayvon’s posing as a thug online, outing a 13 year old they believed to be a witness for Zimmerman, calling Zimmerman a “white” and so on) I don’t feel comfortable abandoning belief that he might be a victim in all this. But yeah . . . on the surface it is not looking very good for him.

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