6 Amazing Outdoor Spots in the Asheville Area

Blue Ridge Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains – These mountains provide for a calm and amazing atmosphere. On a clear day, it is obvious where the name originates from. The Blue Ridge Mountains features many summits with plenty of trails to choose from.
Catawba Falls
Catawba Falls – Located only 20 minutes from Asheville, this waterfall is an attraction that is visited by many hikers. The trail is easy to medium. Because of the close distance, Catawba Falls has become one of the more popular areas in the last couple years. Be prepared to get your shoes wet as you walk over rocks to get across the river during the 3 mile round-trip hike.
Craggy Gardens
Craggy Gardens – This location provides a 360 degree view. Located off the parkway, and less than a mile hike each way, it is a great location to admire the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trail has a bit of an incline before reaching the top, but it is worth the breathtaking view you are given once reaching the top.
High Falls
High Falls – Located in DuPont State Forest, High Falls can be admired from the overlook on the trail, or continue to follow the trail as you cautiously walk over the rocks to get a closer look. It is a popular spot in the summer, but be careful as the rocks get slick when they are wet.
Looking Glass Falls
Looking Glass Falls – This waterfall get crowded in the summer because of the easy walk. You can park you car next to the road and walk down some steps to view the gorgeous waterfall. It is great location to take a swim on those warm summer days.
View From Mt Mitchell
Mt. Mitchel – The highest point this side of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell provides a stunning 360 degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because of the elevation, the temperature is always much cooler than the lower elevations. Mt. Mitchell is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


-by Hugo G Photography

Ambient Autumn in Appalachia

Ask Asheville Linn Cove by Hunter Ward

Mornings first rays greet a frozen foliage wonderland that’s dressed in it’s Sunday best, waiting for Mother Nature to sever her ties. Ah it is Autumn at last. The stink bugs are disappearing, and on occasion one can see her breath. Snow is just around the corner. Neighborhoods are buzzing with trick-or-treat plans, and dads are preparing mountains of leaves for little ones to destroy. Recently I have been up on the Blue Ridge Parkway visiting the higher elevations since peak color has yet to descend into the valleys. This should happen over the next week or so as the chlorophyll within the leaves around Asheville dance with death. Isn’t it ironic that death by nature provides such joy and entertainment to the masses. Anyways, I had the chance to visit Linn Cove Viaduct (pictured) just below Grandfather Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway recently and the colors were magnificent. Completed in 1987, the Viaduct attracts visitor from all over who simply want to marvel over the exquisite architecture located amidst one of natures greatest places.

Ask Asheville Sunburst Falls by Hunter Ward

The following Tuesday I ventured to Graveyard Fields (which I had been to the week before) and the leaves were basically gone. I have been working on my annual fall time-lapse of the leaves, and was disappointed because I didn’t have great conditions. As I ventured down Highway 215, I had my windows down and could hear rushing water. I enjoy using neutral density filters to give water a motion effect, so the rushing water caught my attention. I came to a pull-off close to where I had heard the water and proceed to try and find a path. A steep trail was the only way day and it was leave covered, but I descended anyways. Unknowingly, I had stumble upon the beautiful Sunburst Falls. The second picture is of the scene I found as the sun went behind the ridge line. Now is the time to begin exploring locations above 3000′ and anything about 2000′ should be stunning in the next week or so. I hope you enjoy!

-Hunter Ward, AshevilleWX

Asheville is just one BIG Hippie Festival!

It doesn’t take long for someone to walk around downtown Asheville and notice just how many hippies are out and about around town. And it is not just your average hippie either. As we had mentioned in our Asheville Hippie article years ago, there are many types of hippies around town. We have just touched the tip of the iceberg. Even though many thought that hippies and hipsters were at variance somewhat; we can now say that out of Asheville has evolved a new breed.. the Hipster Hippie. Our friend Susu edited these photos with her own funky artistic style, and has shared them with us:

Hula Hoop Hippies Asheville NC Dancing Hippies Asheville NC Washboard Hippies Asheville Asheville Hippies Hula Hoops Asheville Hippies In The Moment Hula Hooping Asheville Hippie Peace Out Asheville Hippie

Asheville Visions Photography

asheville sunset hominy valley

Asheville Visions Photography offers prints and digital images of fine art photography in and around Western North Carolina. We talked with them recently and here is what they had to say:

“We incorporated as an LLC in the Spring of 2013, when Tom Crook, Bob Young and (then) another third person combined to form the company. That third person has since retired and Bonnie Schwartz joined us in the Summer of 2014.

asheville city hall splashville

Our ideal customer is one who appreciates fine art photography and has a keen interest in Asheville, western North Carolina and its surroundings. We enjoy the opportunity to get “out there” and capture images that “say” something…ones that hit the heart of our viewer. We enjoy post-processing of our photos to enrich the image and focus the viewer better on the story. We also enjoy the camaraderie and the exchange of ideas among the three of us.

French Broad Imaging and Cold Mountain Photographic Society have been very helpful and supportive in our business.

oh great spirit asheville

There is an international organization of photographers called The Arcanum. It uses high technology to facilitate the ancient model of Master/Apprentice in the field of photography. There are only about 400 apprentices world-wide that have been selected into The Arcanum. Asheville, NC can boast at least SEVEN of this, which is an unusually high percentage for such a small town. Asheville Visions Photography, LLC lays claim to two (for now) of these seven and our third partner has applied for admission and should be accepted soon. This makes Asheville Visions Photography, LLC a well-credential photography business.

You can find Asheville Visions Photography on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.