Asheville Photography with Audrey Goforth

I came in touch with an Asheville area photographer named Audrey Goforth many years ago and glad I did. One of the first questions she asked me was “how do I get involved in all of this social media stuff?” My question to her was “how do I get some pro photography to enhance my business branding and my personal portfolio?” After meeting and dealing with Audrey a couple of times, I knew she was a keeper, as many of you can attest to.

Audrey Goforth Photography is actually getting ready to celebrate their 17th year in business. She loves to do weddings, family and individual photos. In the past few years, we have personally hired her for numerous family photo sessions; and also as the “Photographer of Choice” for many of our clients. When our business calls us out of town, Audrey is always ready to travel. I have bumped into her at so many local Asheville area events, we talk for a moment, then she walks away taking photos, and I walk away tweeting.

While Audrey was taking photos of us yesterday at the Grove Park Inn, I took the photo of her above. If you are looking for a photographer that is based in the Asheville NC area, you definitely need to check out Audrey Goforth Photography.

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