Asheville On Bikes Invites You, Asheville’s Greenway Master Plan 1/27/09

Event Posted on Facebook. Asheville on Bikes. Time and Place Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Location: Asheville City Council, Street: 70 Court Plaza, City/Town: Asheville, NC

Asheville on Bikes invites pedallers to show their support for Asheville’s Greenway Master Plan on Tuesday, Jan. 27 at City Council.

City Council will take public comment concerning the permanent closing of Wellack St. Should Council close Wellack St, Asheville looses an important piece of the greenway. We cannot allow this to happen. City Council needs to know we care.

Send City Council a strong message of support for the Greenway Mater Plan. Attend the meeting with your helmet on your head.

Without continued support from individuals, our city’s transportation infrastructure will not advance. You can make a difference in our city.

Attend City Council with your Helmet on your Head.

Ride your City.

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