Asheville Now Has Barbecue Til Midnight!

bonfire barbecue bbq asheville

Asheville still doesn’t have their foodie schedule together. We have the issue of some restaurants closing for 1-3 hours in the late afternoon, leaving us hungry should we want to have a late lunch or early dinner. Then you have the craft donut (doughnut) shops in Asheville that close early. Donuts are a 24/7 type of food so I donot (do not) understand this reasoning. I always end up at the donut shop a few minutes too late. Keith at Inspire Fitness would quickly say that this is to my benefit. But after all of that comes the abnormal store hours of Asheville barbecue. 12 Bones started it with their flagship restaurant, closed here and there, and then only open til early afternoon when opened, sometimes running out of food and closing early. Believe me, it can get frustrating sometimes.

Yesterday I saw that Rob from Anderson Nissan was out celebrating his birthday with family and friends, and posted a photo on Facebook showing him at Bonfire Barbecue. I immediately got hungry and headed that way. I actually raced to the old Barbecue Inn, thinking it was there, but that place is still a ghost town. I resorted to GPS and found it down the road, right near Octopus Garden on Patton Avenue in West Asheville. There was a cool furniture and home decor shop next door too.

As we walked in, we heard one of the customers bragging to the waitress about the Beef Brisket. I could not get that out of my mind, so that is what I ended up ordering; and so glad I did. Had a chicken sandwich too, and it was delish! They have pulled pork and ribs too, but of course! Anyway, my main point of this post is that Asheville now has barbecue on tap til midnight (on Friday & Saturday) on the westside at Bonfire Barbecue. A nice looking beer bar with lots of TV screens too. I was watching woman’s softball, baseball, boxing, and tweeting, at the same time; all while I sipped on some cider. Nice experience and we look forward to going back there again soon.

2 thoughts on “Asheville Now Has Barbecue Til Midnight!

    • I’m going back too. I get stuck eating late a lot anyway, and with this as an option, here I come!

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