Asheville North Carolina’s search engine, resource, directory, business hub

Ask Asheville was created with the end user completely in mind. The website is a “business hub” type resource that promotes thousands of Asheville area businesses free of charge. Across the top of the site, you have all of the main sites for the area including direct links to the Asheville City website, Buncombe County website, all of the main news links for Asheville, a great local radio presence, a link to an Asheville based social network, a very complete and comprehensive “NewComer” page, and much more… check it out!

Across the bottom are yellow links that have info about adding your website to the search engine, a faq page, a list of other area directories and resources, and some a “Sponsors” page that has some great companies that are backing AskAsheville. Also, lower on the page right above these yellow links are some popular links (in white) including Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, AngiesList, Carbon Rally, GasBuddy, and more. is perfect site to be used as the morning dashboard of anyone living in or near Asheville North Carolina.

The links right below the search box are “News”, which links to a page of news feeds on; “Info” that gives some info about the links across the top of the site; “Blog” clicks over to, and “Forum” links to

***The main feature is a search engine that is powered by Google. There are literally thousands of local Asheville websites indexed into the search engine, all free of charge. Take a look, do a search, and see some really positive relevant results appear. Another great feature of the site is the “QuickLinks” directory where you have 100’s and 100’s of direct links to area businesses in Asheville North Carolina. Companies can purchase a “QuickLink” for only $99 a year to sort of support the website and receive additional exposure.

For more info, please visit or

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