Asheville North Carolina to Buffalo New York – Oliver’s Restaurant

When we wanted to get a gift for some extended family in Buffalo New York, the first thing we did was hit Google to see what was available in the area. Recently, one of our affiliates had gotten in touch with her Dad, who she has not seen in 8 years. She was looking for the perfect gift where she could create a great Christmas memory for her loved ones. After about 10 minutes, we kept reading great things about this restaurant called “Olivers” in Buffalo New York. So we called, and the phone courtesy and arrangements by Chris was just as good as their website face. Yes! I was many States away and it just may work out perfect!

And it did. We just got the call today of how wonderful a place Olivers really was. They said the food, drinks, music, and atmosphere was superb. They bragged about many things at Olivers, but the best compliment we got out of it was “Everything was Great!”. That is exactly what we needed to hear. They told us that it was the best Christmas gift they have gotten in a long time. Thank you Oliver’s for making dinner and the whole evening great. We will definitely stop by some time in the future to see this great place on our own.

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