Asheville Nightlife at Magnolia’s

Magnolia’s has been one of the main nightlife scenes in downtown Asheville North Carolina for some time now. We used to go, hang out, eat, and dance at Mag’s. Then we would crash Cynjades, hip hop for a few, and afterwards we would wind down back at Magnolia’s. I remember on one occasion when I went with a friend to eat at Magnolia’s and somehow got drafted as one of the test dummies in this bachlorette party for this nice lady who used to work at Old Europe. I guess one of her “orders” at this party was to pick a man in the building and kiss him. They were about 20 of them and they were having an awesome time. I was embarrased, but could not resist.

Sometimes when it used to get about 1am at Magnolia’s, there would be an apache line of “Jocks” standing firm from the front door to the dance floor. I just raced through it with my crowd to the dance floor and danced like mad. They had a bouncer named “Big John” and when the clock hit 2am, he was no longer your friend. “Time To Leave, Get Out Now” was his last words, lol. I believe this establishment is owned by Chris Peterson and it a great place to unwind and have a good time. Big age variety in this Asheville club, from 21 to 45 and even to 60 yrs old or so, and everyone just got along great. We had a limo driver with us one time and he ate that floor up with every dance you can think of with one of our private investors.

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