Hurricane Matthew Becomes Hurrication Asheville

Hurricane Matthew Exodus To Asheville

As Hurricane Matthew was headed to the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina; many folks made an exodus to the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. Most people do not need an excuse to come to Western North Carolina, but it this case it was kind of mandatory to leave certain areas due to the storm, so what better place to go than Asheville?! We have lodging, food, beer, entertainment; and if the waters ever get too high here, we can always hike to the top of a mountain for safety.

Hurricane Matthew to Hurrication Asheville

On the Asheville Twitter feed, you can see many people who have “ran away” from places like Charleston SC, Florida and several other locations to come to Asheville while Hurricane Matthew does its damage on the coast. I mean, what would you do if you escaped disaster and had a few days off? Eat, Drink, & Be Merry of course! And that is exactly what they are doing. Hurricane + Vacation = Hurrication 2016.

Hurricane Matthew 2016

If you happen to be here from out of town, this is a good time anyway as the Fall Colors are coming alive and the weather is pretty decent. You can check out some of these links if you are looking for something to do:

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Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson & Zach Galifianakis Talk Asheville North Carolina

It already goes without saying, that most people have a wonderful time when visiting Asheville North Carolina. Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson & Zach Galifianakis are interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and talk a little about their experiences here while filming the Masterminds movie, and how great it really is. For those of us who have grown up here or live here now, we already know; but it is nice to hear that even Hollywood stopped by and gives Asheville a grand review.

The Masterminds Movie which was filmed in Asheville and WNC is set to release this Friday, September 30, 2016.

Olympian Ryan Lochte Visits Asheville, Gets Warned About Robberies

Ryan Lochte in Asheville NC

Just recently during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Ryan Lochte and three of his friends were robbed, or so we believed according to the story he told us. But when the dust settled, and the videos were shown, a whole different story was told. Ends up, Ryan flat out lied to the authorities, made Team USA seem dishonest, and made Brazil out to be worse than it actually was. I guess he fed into the warning about how dangerous it was over there, needed some attention, and made up a “Poor Ryan” victim story.

After everything was said and done, what does Ryan do? He escapes to Asheville for a few days of relaxation at the Omni Grove Park Inn with his babe. He then tweets a photo, someone calls him out as being at the GPI in Asheville, and @AshevilleLife on Twitter warns him to be careful. And we all know how this story could unfold. He was relaxing in his room when he decided to go right down the hall to the ice machine. Next thing you know he is surrounded by 4 rich white dudes who drag him down to Elaine’s in the basement, take his money, and force him to dance on top of the piano half naked. After hours of being tormented by these men, they let him go, and he runs back to his room to be comforted by his honey. She calls APD, and the next thing you know a few brothers are going to jail.

Not this time Ryan Lochte, this is Asheville and we have big eyes on you! Hahaha

Masterminds Movie, Filmed In Asheville, Shows On September 30th

Masterminds Movie Filmed In Asheville

Many of you remember last year, when the Masterminds movie (originally titled Loomis Fargo) was being filmed all around the Asheville and WNC area. Zach Galifianakis (who replaced Jim Carrey in this film), Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and several others were seen all around town experiencing what Asheville has to offer. Now the time has come for the film to be released on September 30, 2016 and we are all ready for a good laugh. The film is actually based on the true story of the 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery in Charlotte North Carolina, where $17.3 Million Dollars, 24 people were arrested for direct and indirect involvement, and 95% of the money was recovered.

Watch the Mastermind Movie Trailer Here:

DonorsChoose Project Benefits Local Students In Asheville NC

Asheville Teacher Runda Alamour

Dear Asheville Locals and Visitors,

My name is Runda Alamour and I am reaching out to you about a DonorsChoose Project I have created to benefit my students. DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding charity which allows public school teachers to post projects for their classrooms. I am a first year teacher and alumna of both Asheville High School and UNC Asheville. My project is raising money for general classroom supplies, scholarship resources (I teach 12th grade English), and contemporary reading materials. Thanks to many generous donors, I am already past the half point in my goal and only need $189 to complete the project. Until August 16, DonorsChoose will match all donations up to $100 when the code LIFTOFF is used at checkout. You can find current and future projects at

I moved to Asheville in 2009 and entered Asheville High School as an 11th grade student. I had moved all over North Carolina and attended many schools in all three regions of our state. I can tell you from personal experience that the culture of learning and community at AHS is above and beyond anything I saw at my previous schools. I am so proud to be returning as a teacher and to give back to future generations of AHS students. Thank you for your support!

Runda Alamour