The Asheville Bachelorette Party Guide

Asheville Bachelorette Party

There comes a time in many of our lives when marriage is on the horizon. You already hear wedding bells, you are thinking about the home you will be living in, and the excitement of starting a new family is a dream come true. But before we walk down that aisle, it is wise to take a few days to celebrate the ending of your singleness. Because if not, it is left unsettled and may creep up on you later in life when you least suspect it. A wedding and a marriage can sometimes be overwhelming, so taking time to breathe before you make one of the biggest moves in your life is pretty much mandatory.

Asheville Bachelorette Party Fun

Now some ladies like to stay around their hometown and celebrate their bachelorette party, while others want to travel to another city. Some of my friends have recently been to Savannah GA and Charleston SC for their celebrations. They rented out a house on AirBNB, planned out the eateries, breweries, and nightlife they wanted to experience, and off they went. Now Asheville is a big bachelorette party destination so here is a quick guide to help you pick some great places when you are in town.

Where you will stay is very important as negative lodging experiences can ruin the whole trip. Yes, maybe you are going to be out and about and not spend that much time in the room, but when you do come back for even a little cat nap, you want to be clean, comfortable, secure, and well taken care of. The Hotel Indigo is always a great spot, as well as the Omni Grove Parkthe Inn at Biltmore and the Grand Bohemian Hotel.

Places to eat are many in Asheville North Carolina, so you will not go hungry. Places like Fig Bistro, Curate, Junction, The Admiral, and many others offer fine meals and a great time. You can also check out the breweries-eateries that serve both craft brews and good food. Or maybe you want an amazing meal catered by a personal chef to your room or house rental? In that case, make sure you meet Chef Katie!

Wine may be in your plans and Asheville has several great spots for that. Visiting the winery at The Biltmore is a fine experience to have. Then downtown has several locations such as 5 Walnut Wine Bar, Sante, and Battery Park Book Exchange which are all great.

The breweries in Asheville are a big part of our community. And it is not just the beer, but the craft and experience. Check out this tour map of 10 Asheville Breweries that you could check out when you are in town. Also Pour Taproom in west Asheville has a bunch of beer taps and it is self-serve, so you can spend an hour or two sampling craft brews.

Asheville has lots of sweets to go around, and it was recently National Dessert Day, so here is a blog post full of desserts stops in the area, each with their own little twist.

Coffee is big here in Asheville North Carolina, and you will surely fall in love with many of our little coffee shops around town. Here is a blog post about 24 Places To Get Coffee In Asheville.

We have several great places to have cocktails in Asheville NC on the AskAsheville Cocktails Page. But there are several other spots in the area such as Post 70 on the east side of town, plus Sovereign Remedies, Limones, and Posana downtown, that you need to check out.

Nightlife is an essential for bachelorette parties, and Asheville has lots to do. 5 Walnut Wine Bar is pretty much a sure shot when it comes to music, wine and beer. It is usually packed, but worth the wait to get in. The same goes for Nightbell, another must-visit spot. Then there are plenty of music venues such The Orange Peel and Asheville Music Hall downtown, Isis Music Hall in west Asheville, and Grey Eagle in the River Arts District.

There are several tours you may want to take around town. LaZoom Comedy Tours offers a blend of Asheville history, humor, and plus you can bring your own bottles and drink away during the whole tour. The Amazing Pubcycle allows you to pedal around town, singing and dancing. Asheville Premier Transportation offers private brewery, restaurant, wine, and scenic tours for groups, and they are fantastic! And don’t forget to tour the famed Biltmore Estate to see the house, winery, and their beautiful property.

You can also check out AskAsheville on Facebook to see lots of other experiences that folks have written about.

If you want to write about your Asheville Bachelorette Party experience, please see our Blog Posting Page.

And if you have any questions about the Asheville North Carolina area, ask them on the AskAsheville Question Form.

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10 Wonderful Wine Stops in Asheville North Carolina



Asheville wine comes from many vineyards throughout North Carolina, and from around the world. Now there are dozens of people around town that claim to be specialists when it comes to wine, and it could be a touchy subject sometimes. Some of our locals flew to Napa Valley, got their “wine expert license” in a couple of days, came back to AVL, and now they tell us which wine to drink. Hahaha, cheers! I remember cruising around in a limo with a few of them. One of the ladies was all about finding some 1997 White Wine from California. She said that was a great grape year! Personally, Vouvray is my favorite wine. Many restaurants and wine bars in the community do extensive research when it comes to choosing which vineyards to represent. Some only work with smaller family owned farms, with low output and high quality. I have to say, Biltmore Village dominates this list, as more and more wine is gravitating there. Here are several places that we definitely recommend if you are coming to the Asheville area looking for wine. We started with 10 Asheville Wine Stops, but as you can see we have added more below:

  1. 5 Walnut Wine Bar – this is the wine bar nightlife hot spot in downtown Asheville. A little hole in the wall spot, with a great wine selection, music, and dancing that sometimes runs out into the streets.
  2. Table Wine – a great little wine store in south Asheville, on Hendersonville Rd. Josh has wine tastings and other events here regularly.
  3. Sante Wine Bar – located in the Grove Arcade, this spot is the perfect spot to wine down and experience Asheville.
  4. Ruth’s Chris – the wine offerings here are chosen by their local management, and feature several small farm selections. They also carry several wines that you cannot find anywhere else around town.
  5. NC Wine Gifts – this is actually Asheville’s Best Kept Wine Secret! They only sell wines from vineyards in North Carolina, and have a Wine Club that ships select bottles to your door several times a year.
  6. Biltmore Estate – this place speaks for itself. Visiting the winery and tasting each of their wine offerings is an experience in itself. Somehow, our crew got stuck there for hours one time.
  7. Fig Bistro – one of our favorite restaurants in the community, with a fine wine selection, and located in Biltmore Village.
  8. Appalachian Vintner – wine on tap, or by the bottle, the choice is yours. They also have lots of beer too. A must stop only 1 minute from the Biltmore Estate entrance.
  9. Table Restaurant – incredible food and ambiance create this perfect setting for a fine time plus wine in downtown Asheville.
  10. Battery Park Book Exchange – located in the Grover Arcade, this spot is the wine lounge you’ve always dreamed about. So many books, and little nooks & crannies, it’s so easy to get happily lost in this place.
  11. Maggie B’s Wine – and if you venture a little north of Asheville, to Weaverville; stop by and visit this little cute wine shop that also offers meats and cheeses in their deli cooler.
  12. Rezaz Restaurant – wining and dining is a win win situation here always. Another great restaurant in Biltmore Village!

NC Wine at Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner

So many things to be thankful for and here is one more … North Carolina is making some fantastic wines and you should be serving them at your Thanksgiving tables. Yes, we are one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country and currently we are the tenth largest producer of wine in the country! Here are some ideas to pair with your upcoming feasts.

Begin your holiday dinner by toasting with a bit of the bubbly. Yes, we make sparkling wines in North Carolina. You will find excellent sparkling wines from RayLen Vineyards and Biltmore. My recommendation is a special wine from Raffaldini Vineyards in Ronda called La Dolce Vita. Just the name alone is the perfect beginning to your celebration – The Sweet Life. The wine is primarily Orange Muscat with some Petit Manseng and Traminette in the blend and it won a Double Gold medal at the NC State Fair Wine Competition.


Toast your Thanksgiving dinner with a bit of NC sparkling wine.

For the dinner there is always the age old problem of some like red and some like white wines. And to complicate matters, people always think you must have white with poultry, assuming a turkey is on the menu. Here is an important rule to remember … in wine there are NO rules. You should definitely offer both a red and white at dinner.

For the white selection try a Viognier, a traditional French varietal from the Bordeaux, Loire and Rhone regions.This has a citrusy, floral aroma and tasting notes that will pair well with turkey, cranberry relish and sweet potato pie. Try Round Peak’s award winning Viognier from Mt. Airy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RoundPeak_Viognier

And for the red wine drinkers in the group you want a medium bodied red that will compliment and not dominate the dinner. Go with a Chambroucin which is a French / American hybrid that produces a beautiful medium-bodied wine with a wonderful finish. The fruit-forward profile of blackberry, black raspberry and black cherry make this an immediately approachable red, inviting food pairings unthinkable with most reds. Go with the Chambroucin from Flint Hill Vineyards in East Bend.

flint hill chamroucin

Finally it is time for the pie parade – apple, pumpkin, berry and so much more. This sweet dessert deserves a sweet wine. And so why not try the wine that was just selected by the NC State Fair Wine Competition as the BEST wine in the state. The Carolina Wildflower, from Hinnant Family Vineyards in Pine Level is a special a semi-sweet Muscadine from estate grown Carlos grapes and blended with fresh, local Wildflower Honey. It features flavors of honeysuckle, clover and jasmine and pairs beautifully with fruits, pies, cheeses or as an aperitif.

All of these wines are available through North Carolina Wine Gifts, here in Asheville. This year Drink Local and enjoy North Carolina Wine!

NC Wineries – Time to Visit


Fall at Burntshirt vineyards

NC Wineries are the perfect place to visit this fall. Looking for a destination for your fantastic fall foliage drive this year? There are 25 wineries all within 1 ½ hours of Asheville. Imagine exploring the vineyards of WNC, enjoying wine tastings at beautiful wineries or picnicking amid the streams and mountains surrounding the vineyards. Surprised that we have so many wineries here? You can check out the smallest, complete, free standing winery in America at Calaboose Cellars in Cherokee County or visit a winery with vineyards situated on both sides of the Eastern Continental Divide at some of highest elevations on the East Coast at Burntshirt Winery in Hendersonville. Every winery has a story!


Awards for Lake James Winery

NC Wineries and their wines are creating quite a stir in the wine world. We are one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country and our wines are winning international, regional and state-wide medals for excellence. Whether you prefer the fine dry reds and whites, the delicious semi-sweets or the down-home taste of our native Muscadine wine you will find them all within a short drive of Asheville. Forget Napa and Sonoma and check out NC Wine Country. You’ll find everything you need to plan your trip at WNC Wine Trails.


Visit the WNC Wine Trails

NC Wineries are growing every month! We are now up to more than 150 wineries state wide. Surprised?! Even more surprising is that prior to prohibition North Carolina was the largest wine producing state in the country! Of course, at that time it was primarily our native Muscadine wine – yes that sweet wine that everyone says their grandmothers used to make for them. The Muscadine wines have matured over the years. Read more about the history of NC Wine and the Muscadine grapes at North Carolina Wine Gifts. Go out and discover NC Wine Country this Fall!

Vino Vino Wine Market Closed, Asheville Heads Elsewhere

vino vino wine market asheville

Big Wine News in the area as Vino Vino Wine Market in Woodfin closes their doors, and their customers are now looking for a place to go. Vino Vino was pretty much known for their self-serve wine dispenser where you received a card, put some money on it, and helped yourself to about 20 wines featured on this circular kiosk. I remember having fun there, trying out wine, checking out their craft beer selection, and talking to Capachina who was one of the staff. I think I had a few bucks left on my card still, but oh well; I did not make it back in time and did not notice that they were closing. This does mean that they will have more time to focus on Stoney Knob Cafe, which one of our fave places to eat!

So now I have several choices. I could head to Maggie B’s in Weaverville, or maybe Wine Tunnel on Tunnel Rd; or the new spot everyone is raving about… Divine Wine & Beer in East Asheville. Anyway, we also have few great options on the AskAsheville Wine Page for you to choose from. Happy Wine Hunting!