Asheville Mall, Tour of the Stores

We went shopping tonight and took some footage as I walked around. The Asheville Mall grows and grows, and is set up pretty nice. (They need to plan on a second story in the future). Many shoppers out, but still found parking pretty easy. Everything was flowing normally tonight, and we have about 8 more days till Christmas day. This was shot at about 5pm so the shopping mania was just about to begin. This was the little calm before the storm. See more Asheville Videos on AskAsheville’s Video Channel.

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Asheville’s Queen of Fashion – Constance Boutique

Maybe you have never been to her little shop over across from the downtown Asheville Public Library? For many of us who worked downtown and got to network with many business owners, Constance Boutique became one of our favorite places to stop by, shop, and just enjoy the whole atmosphere. I remember one day I was out with 2 ladies and we were walking by the store. We saw Laura, Constance, and a few clients talking and having fun. So we dropped in, Constance broke out the wine, and we had one of our best times in many weeks. More people came in, it was literally “dress up” time for adults. Well, we escaped after getting one of the ladies I was with a beautiful BCBG dress and the other lady a Diana Von Furstenberg dress and top. Everyone left with a smile. Constance and her “crew” are just great people, consumed with clothing style, and a mended business mind. Maybe a little bit ahead of the time for Asheville North Carolina years ago, but now very well established in the community and the timing is perfect.

One of the stores is downtown right near the Asheville Civic Center, across from the library. The other is located in Biltmore Station right next to Biltmore Village (That spot is hot!). She also had a temporary store in the Grove Arcade at one time. She recently tried to expand and accommodate a new location in South Asheville on Long Shoals Rd, but the business and lack of shopping due to the market is forcing her to focus on the other 2 shops after Christmas and put her space on Long Shoals up for lease (photo above). This location is great, with a new 4 lane in front and a booming area… but juggling the 3 stores in this economy forced her to choose the top 2 / oldest 2.

For those of you who know Constance, she is a local star, style guru, fashion consultant, and great overall resident of Asheville NC. She is well versed in many high end womens fashion and can easily create a complete wardrobe custom made exactly for you. Some of the clothing can fit in the “high end common” realm, while others fit the “movie stars”. I fall in love with clothing all over again every time I walk into this place. You would expect to find a store of this magnitude in New York City, Atlanta, or Charlotte; but she has brought this beautiful style to Asheville North Carolina. I talked to Constance one time at Savoy Restaurant where she was moderating a “model fashion runway” show for Al Lorenzo from Al’s Contractors Inc. in Marion. He was about to marry Natalie, and this was her bridal shower. Wow! Very nice bridal shower. Thank you again Constance.

You can call the boutique at 828-252-4002 or click HERE to go to her website. Only if you want the best, if you know what I mean. Head to toe, perfection.

Reynold’s Mountain Asheville Shopping Coming Soon!

If you have not been up the hill to Food Lion and Reynold’s Mountain in Woodfin lately, stop by and take a look. They are building a giant shopping town center, with this building being used for retail and office space. A great addition to North Asheville. Somebody said something about the new YMCA going up there as well.

KCB Construction is the General Contractor on this job. Many sites are already developed in this soon to be “Mountain Shopper’s Dream” on Reynold’s Mountain.