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When I first decided to move out of New York City, Asheville North Carolina was not my first choice. I actually looked at many other areas such as Florida (of course), Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado, California, etc. All of these locations had my full consideration, but Asheville kept coming back to me. In the beginning it was the perfect middle ground between New York and Florida. So visiting my family in New York and vacationing in Florida were both about 10 hours away, or 14 for some of you slow drivers. One of the things that really got me was watching Asheville grow. For example, in a suburb of Asheville called Weaverville, there was a main road called Reems Creek. When I first moved here, Reems Creek was only a gravel / dirt road. I felt like the only thing missing was the horse and buggy. It was a step back in time for me coming from NYC. When my son moved down here, he kept a high-end alarm system on his car for several years because that is what he was used to. The crickets scared him as much as the gunshots on the streets of the NYC. It was serious culture shock.

We finally adjusted to the area, people, and culture, and we love it. It is a little slower paced living which is exactly what we were looking for. There is a quality of life that Asheville gave us that no other city in America has ever given us before. I guess it makes me feel as if I am really living and now have a lot more opportunity in life. The people of Asheville are very diversified, but that could mean that anyone, even you, can fit in! There are so many activities available for a single person, family, or group unit. This beautiful area is really growing and planning for a great future.

The true and complete City of Asheville North Carolina goes from Weaverville (North) to Arden (South), and also from Black Mountain (East) to Candler (West). This is just in case you view a map. Some places only show Downtown Asheville. Of course there are so many little towns, communities, and developments in between, that Asheville sometimes fades away when labeling areas, but believe me, it is all Asheville! There is a lot of room and potential in Asheville. There is so much real estate and areas for expansion. When I recently talked to some investors, they kept saying “I wish I would have come to Asheville about 10 years ago to pick up some of the property that was available then…”, and “If I had known that Asheville was going to be the city that it is today…”. It was a whole bunch of unprofitable regret. I know that in 10 more years, people will be saying the same thing about today. Don’t waste time living in an uncomfortable, overextended place you used to call home. I invite you to make that move today and come to Asheville North Carolina; the “Next Greatest City in America”.

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Asheville Real Estate 2008

1) We’re bullish on the local market as WNC continues to buck national trends with prices sustained and an actual average increase of 10.5 percent for the region last year. Beverly-Hanks just had the third best year in the history of the company; we believe the opportunity is there for us, and we have to do something with it. With interest rates near record lows, an abundant inventory of great properties, I would consider this one of the best times to buy real estate in WNC.

For Sellers – due to the large inventory of properties (competition), make sure your property is priced right, in showroom condition and possibly offer an incentive, i.e. seller will pay up to $4,000 in closing costs with acceptable offer etc. In addition, if you are lucky enough to have a home with mountain views, a great location, or unique in character… you’re already on top of the list!

By: Tim Bosonetto of Beverly-Hanks in Asheville North Carolina. You can visit Tim @

2) This is one of the wildest real estate markets that I have seen since I started selling real estate in 1979. We have come from a record high in real estate in 2005 to a almost as good 2006. Our local board states the sales for 2007 decreased by 17%, but yet the average increase in value rose by 7%. Although the interest rates thus far in 2007 have been up and down a little they are still incredibly attractive to most home buyers. In conclusion it is truly a buyers market with rates still quite good, real estate still increasing, and the overall sales down. Now is the time to buy!

By: Jim Buff, CRS Keller Williams Realty 86 Asheland Ave Asheville NC 28801.

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