Asheville Home Building, Construction and Remodeling on the Rise

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It wasn’t but a few years ago, about around 2008, when the real estate market in the Asheville North Carolina area, and all across the country pretty much dropped off of the face of the earth. Home builders were stuck with “Spec Homes” that they could not sell, Real Estate agents had all sellers and no buyers, Banks stopped lending and everyone was broke. Some lost a little, some a lot, some lost everything. It gave us a quick lesson on how to live light, maybe downsize, and hold on tightly to the most important parts of our lives and business. Our priorities became more defined.

Today, the Asheville Home Building, Construction, Remodeling and Real Estate industry is telling a different story, a new story; but this one surely promises a happy ending. Tourism and travel in the area at the moment is growing by leaps and bounds; hotels popping up left and right, pushing commercial real estate development to the next level. Soon the structures that were built out horizontally, will be revisited and rebuilt vertically. When it comes to houses, a caravan of folks are moving to the area from all over the country, making residential real estate once again a hot commodity. Brace yourselves, we are now in the middle of a seller’s market.

We recently talked to Pat and Donna of Keller Williams in Asheville and their team is searching daily for folks that want to sell their homes. Did you hear me? They have buyers and need more houses! If homes cannot be found and the major developers do not build fast enough; the next phase is where buyers turn to land, and build. Rick Ledford of Energy Tech, a home builder that moved to the WNC area from Raleigh during the decline, now has clients lining up for his contracting and consultation services. Jason Muhlenkamp Carpentry had only a couple of home remodeling projects at the end of 2013, and five months later he has hired a big team and has plenty of projects all around Hendersonville, Asheville and Edneyville.

The home building and real estate market in the Asheville area is definitely on the rise. The mountains, quality of life, the beer, the diversity, the people… so many reasons. So who is moving here next? Maybe you.

Cleaning House in Asheville NC

asheville cleaning pristine clean When folks talk about cleaning house, it does not necessarily mean house cleaning. Spring is a time where new things happen both in seasons, and many times in our lives. New seed is planted and new flowers are blooming. Spring is a time to clear the air and take a deep breathe. There is this feeling of renewal as the warm weather surrounds us. It may be time to make amends with a family member or friend that you have been distant from. Maybe it’s time to break up with that lover who just ain’t lovin’ you right no more. Maybe you need a dog or a cat? Is it time for a change of course, a house cleaning in your life, a new direction? Seasons change, people definitely do, and so do you.pristine clean planet asheville nc On the home side, you have everything from “Spring Cleaning” to deck building, remodeling and new construction going on all around town. This year, we are going lean, green and clean! At one of our residences, landscaping is the buzz word and everyone is on it. At another cabin we have, we are cleaning out the sheds, basements, burning things, throwing other things away, and attempting to salvage anything of value. Then at one of the newer pads on the Westside of town, all we needed was a great cleaning, so we called Jennifer at Pristine Clean and she sent the dynamic duo to our rescue. They cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned.

This place looks so beautiful now! When I talk about “Cleaning House” … house cleaning in the literal sense is definitely part of it. And I can’t stand clutter!!! I rather have a room with just a chair and some peace of mind, than have items and things that I never use all over the place. A clean house contributes directly to sanity, according to me at least. I’m cleaning house in Asheville NC!

And I have a lot of work to do. What about you?

The 2014 Asheville Home Services List

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Being able to call the “Right Person For The Job” in Asheville and Western North Carolina is many times a convenience you take for granted. Yes, we think we have it under control, until something happens, and it is either after hours, the company you need is on vacation that week, or you end up choosing the wrong person and paying so much more than you bargained for. It is sometimes hard to find a person that could do the job, but then getting them to actually do it is a whole different chapter. Lots of people like to get paid and make money, but when it comes to producing, the slack begins. Think about the last few times you needed something done around the house, had a dependable source at your fingertips, and it was quickly completed. After years of trail and error, I have now had that experience many times over. We built our network of people and businesses, and some did not make the cut; but we ended up with a stellar group of friendly businesses that could do just about anything you need. Many do not think about what we may need, until they actually need it; so when you do, this list will be here. Let me share our Asheville Home Services list with you:

Asheville Home Services – Inside:

  1. Dry Master Carpet Care – Joe Russell has many awards such as the Prestigious Diamond Certified Award for customer service for 11 consecutive years. Also, Dry Master was Top Rated Gold by Valuestar for 7 consecutive years. This team has an amazing product they use on your carpet to assure a superior, safe and green cleaning process.
  2. 1-800-Water Damage and Restoration – Whether it is your basement, roof or floors that have water damage, 1-800 can help you with everything from securing so that no more water penetrates, to a fixing a water or fire damage situation; and making your home look brand new again.
  3. Mountain Air Mechanical – In the Winter you want Heat, in the Summer you want it Cool. When either of those are are not working, we are uncomfortable. These guys can come to your rescue with Heating and Air Conditioning sales, service, and repair. 
  4. Jason Muhlenkamp Carpentry and Remodeling – Thinking about having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled? Or maybe your want to finish off that basement or attic? Jason has an extensive list of customers who praise his work constantly. You can also see his new website
  5. Appliance Repair – ADF Appliance Repair is at the top of our list for appliance repair and servicing.
  6. Home Cleaning – Pristine Clean Planet is pretty much a sure shot for us here. There are also many other companies including Merry Maids who provide cleaning services in the area.
  7. Asheville Custom Closets by More Space Place – Having customized closets and other space saving solutions can make all of our lives a little easier. Whether it is adding a Murphy bed to a room, a desk/bed combination or a garage shelving unit; we have seen this company at work many times, and they do incredible work.
  8. Simply Wired Home Wiring & Automation – Looking to manage or automate anything and everything in your home, or even your business? John specializes in custom systems including theaters, sound rooms, man caves and more.
  9. Asheville Home Security – We use ADT, but there are several great companies in the area that offer everything from basic security, to cameras and mobile app monitoring.
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Asheville Home Services – Outside:

  1. Al’s Contractors – Al is not only a great home, deck and porch builder, but their crew also does a lot of work around the yard when it comes to landscaping. We have hired Al to do everything from framing up a new home for us, to doing our driveway and landscapes.
  2. Robaj Designs – Robert and AJ custom build picnic tables, cornhole sets, and many other types of woodworking. You can see their picnic table sets used by several businesses in the Asheville area. He even has a picnic table model that has a beer troth running down the center, that you can fill with ice and brews. Oh the creativity!
  3. Landscape Architects – Broadbooks Associates P.A. can help you with a wonderful landscape creation around your home.
  4. Asheville House Painting by Jon Young – This company has been in the area for many years and does everything from smaller paint jobs, to larger commercial paint projects.

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Other Asheville Home Services:

  1. Gloria Berlin Insurance is a great choice for all of your home and rental insurance needs in the Asheville and WNC area.
  2. Looking for a Home? Pat & Donna, Asheville’s Dream Team, can assist you with finding a home in a nice neighborhood in Asheville NC.

Maybe you need one of these companies to help you around your home or business. Or you may have some great folks already lined up in case you need help. Feel free to comment below and let us know who you use or recommend, or the company your represent; so we can keep you in mind for backup on future projects. Thank you.

Moving: From China to Asheville North Carolina, USA

China to Asheville

Here is an interview with someone who moved from Southeast China to Asheville North Carolina:

My educational years in China led me into the hospitality management field. I had planned on working in my city, then moving to other cities in Southeast China and beyond. I grew up in a great home, and my family is extremely close. My parents did everything they could to grant me a life of opportunity. I ended up going to a great University in Xiamen China. Then the option arose for me to attend a University in Switzerland and expand my education and training even more. Soon after getting to Switzerland, I made friends with several other people from China, and many others from all ends of the world. Attending this school allowed me to learn English, and get an International mindset. An amazing experience!

Then I had the rare chance to go to the United States to work and gain more cultural exposure. I took it! Upon arriving in Asheville North Carolina, I worked at Marriott. I enjoyed going out in the area and experiencing Western North Carolina as a tourist, seeing the nature, the mountains, meeting people and enjoying life. Little did I know that I was scouting out the place where I would soon be living. A friend I worked with invited me to a community meeting, and I met a guy there that would become my husband, and the father of my child not long after. We have traveled to China several times and each time was an incredible experience. People always ask us about Asian food in Asheville, and I tell them that some of our favorite places are The Noodle Shop, Doc Chey’s Noodle House, and UMI Japanese in Hendersonville NC. When it comes to Thai, there are so many great places in the Asheville area to choose from, but we frequent Thai Orchid and Noi’s the most.

The photo above is a statue in a park that we toured in China. To me it represents women, and people in general, moving forward for more and better. This is the opportunity I received in my native country, and in many other places around the world after that. I love China, where I was born and raised; and I love my new home of Asheville NC.

Moving: From Trenton New Jersey to Asheville NC

Welcome to our “Moving To Asheville” series for the Asheville & WNC Real Estate section on the AskAsheville website. Have you moved here from another State or Country? Contact Us so we can interview you. You can tell your story anonymously, or tell everywhere who you are. Meet Alan Rosenthal, who moved from the Trenton New Jersey area, to Asheville North Carolina:

Moving from New Jersey to Asheville NC

I’m from New Jersey, about 45 minutes from the shore and the mountains. Yes, that area where the sand meets the ocean is called a shore. Our mountains are the top of the same range as where Asheville is situated. So the terrain of Northwest New Jersey is much like here. Up north, I was a private investigator, process server and litigation support specialist as well as a business consultant.

I limited my relocation search to east of the Mississippi and south of New England, except for Colorado where I traveled and researched thoroughly.  I almost pulled the trigger in Tallahassee and St. Pete Beach. I looked at Pittsburgh, couldn’t afford gorgeous Telluride and the Four Corners region. There are many beautiful areas in the country.

Asheville wasn’t the best place for me but it is a very nice area that was geographically midway in a market I was serving. I was traveling a lot so the loss of amenities was compensated for on my trips. Beautiful scenery. Easy to get everywhere. On the worst traffic day, it is nothing compared to New York City where I drove as adeptly as a taxi driver. Temperate climate though I do miss the scent of an impending heavy snowfall.

I looked at Asheville first since some friends mentioned it when they heard I was considering a move. I visited for a few days, checked out some living scenarios but wasn’t sure. Over the next 10 months, I traveled extensively. When I came back to Asheville to visit a client, I was told of a condo that was up for rent. By this time, I was tired of traveling so I rented the condo, finished my trip, packed a truck and became a damn yankee.

I organize the Asheville Welcomes Transplants Group and get calls and emails from folks considering moving from all over the U.S. so I try to be a cheerleader for all that is terrific about the area and there are many terrific attributes. But I do need to give them an honest assessment. Really, we owe them that. People are uprooting their lives and making substantial investments. We owe them realistic information with which they can make their life-changing decisions.

The oft-heard ‘bring your own job’, ‘bring your money because you won’t make any here’ and ‘bring your own girlfriend/boyfriend’ are all true. This is a nice place for financially stable people in relationships and people who simply want to enjoy nature and art. One has to be willing to downsize and minimize their standard of living, which is slightly less than anathema to me and many of my friends and colleagues. A lot of people I know have moved back or onto somewhere else. The bottom line is that you can’t just like the place. The Asheville area is a completely different standard of living, for better or worse. A move here requires great consideration.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. It is a beautiful area. Asheville is not a cohesive community. It is a collection of numerous little communities of people doing their own things. Inclusivity is not the hallmark. Still, you’re sure to find people to hang out with. If you are financially stable, you can enjoy your hobbies and your home. Most people have to wear more than one hat to get by. Asheville is a beautiful area definitely worth researching and will probably end up on your short list.