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As you all know, home building and real estate is once again booming in Asheville and Western North Carolina. While talking to James Dose, the President of Old North State Building Company in Asheville, he mentioned that he works with a great mortgage lender and construction loan specialist in the area. He then sent us this flier about Asheville Savings Bank, so we thought we would share it with you just in case you are buying or building a home, and looking for this type of service.

Asheville North Carolina: Home Safe Home

Asheville Locksmith - American Eagle

There was once a day in Asheville, not too long ago, when folks felt pretty comfortable leaving their doors unlocked, their windows open to get some fresh air, and all were welcome. Those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As the times progress and communities continue to grow, along comes more sticky fingers and crime. I remember years ago in Weaverville, our family was missing some lawn ornaments from the yard. Then a few weeks later we couldn’t find the weedeater. Then tools started disappearing from the shed. It was not too long after, that a neighbor who had become addicted to drugs, was busted for burglarizing half the neighborhood.

Crime affects all of our lives. We pay extra money for items in the store because they inflate prices to make up for the loss companies know will come from theft, whether by employees or by shoplifting. So when it comes to crime, we all pay as a community. With the holiday season coming up, Santa may not be the only one trying to get down your chimney, and into your home or business. Anyone can be a victim. Nobody is immune to this. But there are several ways for you to deter crime and make sure you are not the easiest target in our community.

We got a chance to talk with Justin over at American Eagle Locksmith and he hears stories of homes broken into and broken hearts all the time. People come in to buy a safe, talking about how now they have nothing left… no family heirlooms, their antique jewelry stolen, gun collection gone, and money they were stashing at home taken. New home owners tell him how they should have re-keyed their house, and if only they knew how many people actually had copies of the keys when they purchased their home. Sadness as they say… I wish I would have gotten a safe to protect my family photos and irreplaceable items before they all went up in smoke when my house burnt down to the ground. It is an invasion of your life, your family, and your world; which deserves to be secure.

Imagine going home today, even right now, and everything you have has vanished. No furniture, no clothes, and no valuables left. A huge part of your life and living would be gone forever. Home sweet home is no more.

Did You Know:

Two million home burglaries are reported each year in the USA. 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door. 66 percent are residential home crimes.

Homes without a security system are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. Only 17% of the homes in U.S. have a security system installed.

Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed.

One out of three residential assaults are during a burglary.

Police solve only 13% of all reported burglaries because of no witnesses or physical evidence.

Home break-ins mostly occur in the daytime when people are at school or work.

Most common method of forced entry is simply to kick in the door.

Leaving a window open that is visible from the street is a good reason to target your house.

Leaving a window open with only a locked window screen is inviting to thieves.

What can you do to prevent becoming a victim?

Home security statistics tell us that burglars will usually bypass a house if it requires too much effort or more skills or tools than they possess.

  1. A solid core or metal door at entrance points.
  2. Install a heavy-duty deadbolt with a one inch throw bolt.
  3. Buy a quality knob-in-lock set with dead latch mechanism.
  4. Install a heavy duty strike plate with 3 inch screws into the frame.
  5. Change your view to a wide angle peephole.
  6. Moving into a new house or apartment? Change all of the door locks.

American Eagle Locksmith is located in the Asheville area and offers several cautionary measures to help your home security:

  1. Change Locks – they have many types of locks including high security keyways.
  2. Safes – a wide of safes that can be secured to your home with their installation service, featuring a steel and concrete combination that is too heavy to move, multi-hour fire resistant, and water resistant.
  3. Digital Viewer – burglars usually ring your doorbell either days before or on the same day of the burglary. This device takes a photo of them and saves it.
  4. Complimentary Full Home Evaluation: Justin and his team of experts are ready to take a big bite out of crime with you. They can come by your home, evaluate the premises, and give you a list of recommendations on everything you may need to keep your home safe & secure. This includes a home security plan, window inspection, door and entry point inspection including garages, skylights, and breezeways.

We definitely want to give a big thanks to all of the law enforcement who deter and fight crime, plus solve cases daily. But lets keep our eyes open and work together even more to help make our homes secure, and our communities safer; especially here in the mountains of Asheville and Western North Carolina.

12 Helpful Tips To Clean Your Asheville Home

asheville maid service

Cleaning house is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Asheville maid services are available by the droves. Some are better than others. Just because you have nothing better to do, and you think you know how to clean; that does not make you a professional home cleaning company. Cleaning a house correctly takes education, management, discipline, and a strong desire to do it right. We put this list together so you can clean your Asheville home all by yourself, that is… if you really want to.

1. Try to find a “Green” Cleaning solution to use. Many supplies are toxic and harmful. When you think about it, you have “poison” all around your house. Today we have plenty of options, especially in Asheville, that will not put your children, pets or yourself in danger.

2. Allow some open air in your home if possible while cleaning. Whether it is a window or door, it could naturally filtrate lots of dust and dirt.

3. Remove clutter. Before your start to clean, make sure things like magazines, groceries, clothes, and other miscellaneous items are put away. You want to be as comprehensive as possible to attain a better clean.

4. Cover any exposed dishes or utensils to prevent dirt and dust from settling on. You could be literally “eating dirt” if not.

5. Remove curtains at least once every 3 months and wash them. Lots of dirt, germs and bacteria can live in fabrics.

6. Think of that room of yours as 3 levels… ceiling, living and floor. Start at the top and work your way down. Dust settles. Clean the light fixtures, ceiling fans, curtain rods, window trim & the tops of high furniture, including higher cabinetry first. Also dust upper corners such as where your walls and ceilings meet.

asheville cleaning

7. Move furniture. This is like playing “hide and go seek” sometimes. Behind that couch, entertainment center and bookshelf is a wealth of dirt and grime. Clean it up!

8. Dust and clean any paintings or picture framing, tables, chairs furniture, counters and cabinets next. Even with chairs, make sure you clean the most susceptible part of them which is the legs.

9. Your floor is most likely the dirtiest part of your home or business. Carpet is a dirt trap and needs deep cleaning regularly. Wood, tile, composite and linoleum flooring should be thoroughly mopped with a clean mop, and also replacing the water and cleaning solution approximately every 500 square feet cleaned, or as dirt overtakes the clean water you are mopping with.

10. Taking your shoes off before you enter your home, or as soon as you do, will keep your house and floor much cleaner. Make a practice out of it if you must, especially in these Asheville mountains with all of the dirt and gravel roads. Take a moment to think about all of the dirt, germs and bacteria your shoes attract. It is simply disgusting, especially on carpet, when it comes down to it. The same dirt that you trample over on the streets, you are bringing into your home every time you wear your shoes inside.

11. Never over-saturate your carpet, especially in a basement. Water can get stuck in areas, rot woodwork, create mold and mildew and smother dirt down even deeper. If you use any type of water or liquid, make sure you vacuum it up as quickly as possible.

12. Cleaning the exterior of your home brings it full circle. The outside should reflect what’s on the inside. Pressure washing, deck and porch maintenance, and window cleaning at least once every 3 months. Also keep an eye of your roof. Keep it clean and free from leaves, branches and other items that may jeopardize it’s longevity.

And if all else fails, or I don’t have time to clean, or I just don’t want to clean; I call my friends over at Pristine Clean of Asheville and they have me covered!

asheville house cleaning

Meduri’s Top 10: The West Asheville Expert Spills the Beans!

west asheville real estate

The name Josh Meduri has become synonymous with West Asheville. Like the quirky little corner of West Asheville itself, Meduri is a man who appreciates the simple things in life. He’s a family man, a people person, and a small business owner. Also, though I’m not quite sure why it’s so important, I must add he sports a little bit of spunk in his hairstyle. It’s as though Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Buddy Holly quarrled, and left the aftermath right on Meduri’s head… it’s his “it” quality that is only part of why he’s West Asheville’s favorite realtor. He’s often seen enjoying a cup of coffee at Waking Life on Haywood Rd. with his adorable red-headed infant, who’s quickly becoming the company mascot, bouncing on his knee. Now he’s going to let his secrets out (which I think have been hiding in his hair) and tell us the top ten reasons West Asheville is THE place to be.

10. The Food… First of all, about any restaurant in West Asheville is in walking distance from many of the residences, creating easily accessible food that isn’t just a quick service burger. Both Biscuithead and Sunny Point cafe have been seen in national magazines, and serve up the best breakfasts and brunches around. Josh also sings the praises of Nona Mia’s for a great lunch or dinner!

9. The Great Shops… Want a little something unique? Shop around West Asheville. There’s no fear of finding chain stores down the streets of this Indie brand powerhouse. Meduri’s fave? Tomkats! Go see for yourself!

8. The Beer… West Asheville is a great place to throw back a cold one! The U-Joint is right on the corner of Sand Hill and Haywood, just before Vermont Avenue. Could it get any better? They have one of the longest lists of Asheville’s famous craft beers in town!

7. The Coffee… Not in the mood for the hard stuff? Check out a great coffee venue! Waking Life is a great place for a quick cup in a tranquil setting. Try West End Bakery to satisfy your caffeine and sugar craving!

6. The Parks… There are 3 amazing family parks in the area, 6 if counting the elementary schools. West Asheville is a great place for the entire family to play whether its on the swings or the cornhole board! The Augusta L. Barnett playground just down from Waking Life is a great place to start!

5. The Sidewalks… Believe it or not, in this hilly, lush part of the country, sidewalked streets are rare. However, every inch of West Asheville is outlined by them. It is so walkable, making all of the great shops, restaurants, and gathering places easy to get to. Just take a little stroll… and bring Fido too! (Lots of pet-friendly spots)

4. The “Hip” Factor, it factor… I’ll just say it; West Asheville is cool. The shopping, restaurants, and scenic parks play huge roles, but also the friendliness to people and the environment. West Asheville is becoming more and more a sustainable community, with community gardens, and efforts around town to build green. The community cares about the health and well-being of those around them! They just happen have a little extra swag while doing it!

3. The Architecture… Asheville is famous for the arts & crafts style homes. West Asheville is the very root of the movement. The charming bungalows that decorate the tree-lined streets are some of the best preservations of this style in the Southeast. The houses often boast original hardwood floors and glass doorknobs, making the charms of yesteryear irresistible.

2. The Location… We hear it all the time in real estate: location, location, location!!! West Asheville simply has no contenders. It is a miniature downtown connected to the actual downtown. It has the accessibility of a city with the yards and warmth of a suburb. It is almost as centered in Buncombe County as downtown Asheville, with access to all the major highways and interstates. The school systems are top-notch as well! Geographically, there’s just nowhere better!

1. The People… Home is where the heart is. What makes a place home is the people there. West Asheville is like a family. People smile at other people here. They offer veggies from the garden, and help their kids set up lemonade stands. They pitch in for community events and have pride in the neighborhood. Above all, West Asheville residents are welcoming. They love people, fun, and friendship. They are the heartbeat in an area already offering so much! They are the life… and that part of West Asheville is the laughter of children playing and the squeaking of porch swings swaying. It’s alive.

Visit and schedule a chat with Josh Meduri. West Asheville’s favorite realtor would love to welcome you home!

Morehouse Interiors, Bringing Creative Collaboration to your Home

Morehouse Interiors Studio Stroll Invitation AskA (Foreword by Adrian Etheridge, of ASE Photography)

It was the week before finals and amidst my frenzy to find a job for the summer, I happened across a flyer advertising a communications intern position with a “local interior design firm specializing in collaboration with local artists.” In a fit of excitement, I emailed the contact immediately, crossing my fingers for a job that would combine my skills in photography and social media with my love for interior design – not to mention the added of intensive of working closely with local artists (as art is my passion.)

Happily, I landed this dreamy internship, and have more than enjoyed working there the past few weeks. Caitlin Morehouse – who indeed specializes in collaboration with local artists, as the decorated walls of our studio show – is an artist herself who “believes that the less we look for boundaries between the two, the more beautiful spaces we can create.” She loves finding the art that speaks to clients and collaborating to turn their interiors into livable, personal works of art. With her quirky taste in vibrant and bold pieces (be them vibrant upholstery fabrics, ceramic backsplash tiles detailing a landscape, or handmade sardine-plastered bowls) getting a behind-the-scenes look into designing a home has been quite exhilarating.
Our fabric library is ever-growing. If you're looking for beautiful, quality fabrics then come to our studio, pull up a chair, and enjoy flipping through our many sample books.

Our fabric library is ever-growing. If you’re looking for beautiful, quality fabrics then come to our studio, pull up a chair, and enjoy flipping through our many sample books.

And now, we of Morehouse Interiors are happy to announce that this year we set up shop in the quirky River Arts District of Asheville, NC. In looking for a studio space, Caitlin’s vision was for it to “be a creative space in the truest sense. A place for people to get inspired and turn inspiration into various artistic collaborations; from hanging paintings to reuphostering a sofa.” Studio 254 in Riverview Station allows us to do just that, with a place to showcase some of the work of local artists with whom we collaborate for interior design projects, as well as sell interesting pieces and products we find at the High Point Market and other local venues. Soon, we will also begin using the front room (a wall splits our spacious studio into two parts – the back office and the front meeting room and gallery) to create vignettes of possible design combinations, again using the work of local artists and craftsmen with whom we collaborate. We will exhibit this last exciting feature on our blog once it is up and running, so keep your eyes peeled.
"Gallery Icon," aka our front meeting room, gallery, and vignette area.

“Gallery Icon,” aka our front meeting room, gallery, and vignette area.

However, the best part of residing in the River Arts District is the connection with the community that we get to enjoy. This weekend, June 14th and 15th, the RAD will host its biannual Studio Stroll, and we are excited for our first year of participation. Our studio – Studio 254 in Riverview Station on 191 Lyman St. – will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days, and we invite everyone to stop by to check out our eclectic space filled with our one-of-a-kind pillows, Cardboard Safari Animals (think deer head mount made of cardboard), Valerie Schnaufer ceramics, Caitlin’s own artwork, and much more. We will even have refreshments. (No, we are not trying to bribe you, unless it’s working.) Asheville, we hope to see you this weekend.
One of the artists represented in our studio: Valerie Schnaufer.

One of the artists represented in our studio: Valerie Schnaufer

Yes, this really is a handmade African sardine bowl plastered with sardines.

Yes, there really is a handmade African sardine bowl plastered with sardines.

Caitlin's personal work is among the ranks of the art hanging in the studio. Surreal, pastel, bold.

Caitlin’s personal work is among the ranks of the art hanging in the studio. Surreal, pastel, bold.

 Even if you cannot attend the Stroll, there are many different ways to follow our work from our Pinterest storyboard documenting Studio 254’s design transformation (along with many other product and design boards) to our on-location Insta-pics.
Caitlin profile pic

Caitlin Morehouse

– Caitlin Morehouse & The Morehouse Interiors Team