Asheville Parade of Homes 2016 Winners

Asheville Parade of Homes 2016 Winner

The Parade of Homes is an annual event held in Asheville North Carolina by the Home Builders Association. Over 30 homes were a part of this event that featured beautiful hand-crafted homes by construction companies in Western NC. Osada Construction took home the “Best In Show” award, and other Asheville area home builders won awards as well:

We would like to give a big congratulations to all of the wonderful Asheville Home Builders who were a part of the Parade of Homes and to the 2016 Winners. We look forward to next year, with a bunch of new homes on the scene.

5 Beautiful Homes By Samsel Architects In Asheville NC

Residential architecture plays a big part in the home building process. Starting with a precise plan ensures that the end results are exact. Samsel Architects in Asheville has been doing this for their clients for years, working with them to realizes the home of their dreams in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, and beyond. Here are five beautiful homes that they have completed, with links to a photo gallery and more information.

Craven Gap Home by Samsel Architects

Craven Gap

Lake Keowee Home by Samsel Architects

Lake Keowee

Town Mountain House by Samsel Architects

Town Mountain

Columbus NC Hammock House by Samsel Architects

Columbus NC

Old Fort NC House by Samsel Architects

Old Fort NC

Asheville Furniture Video by Divine Living

Asheville Furniture by Divine Living Home Furnishings

Asheville furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, and several levels when it comes to quality furnishings. Divine Living Furniture in south Asheville is a hidden gem when it comes to interior design and home decor, whether you are in a new home or simply redoing an existing one. When we first walked in the door not too long ago, we immediately noticed a difference, we knew right away that this was not just another furniture store. The pieces were beautiful and they seemed carefully selected. While talking to Phyllis, the owner, she explained that she represents a few key top lines when it comes to furniture, such as Norwalk, Kincaid, John Thomas and more. She told us that if we were looking for furniture just to get by, this was not the place. “These pieces will be a part of your family for many years, so we customize them to fit your home, lifestyle, and you.” That is what I wanted to hear. Glad we found this place and we are planning on using this store to supply all of the furniture for our new home. Watch the video above and learn more about Divine Living Furniture.

I Wasn’t Born In Asheville, But I Got Here As Fast As I Could

I Wasn't Born In Asheville

So maybe you are not an Asheville local, born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina; but at least you know a good thing when you see it. That’s how it happened for many of us. We heard of Asheville, we visited the area, and the next thing you know… we were packing our bags and moving here! I wasn’t born in Asheville, but I got here as fast as I could!

Modern Asheville Architecture and History – Before & After

We recently talked to Samsel Architects about how much Asheville has grown over the years. It is simply incredible. And to know that some of the folks in their offices are some of the founders that made lots of this possible. Architecture is so important. When you hear about the before and after, the root and the fruit, the Architect is more on the root side. They take an idea, a concept, and create a vision of what it will one day become.

I remember talking to the late Daryl Rantis years ago, an Asheville Architect who studied under E. Fay Jones and was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright; and he explained to me how much of the final design comes from the concept delivered by the Architect. He showed me how intricate it was, how ever line moved made a big difference.

Samsel Architects has been in the Asheville area for many years. They have seen our community baron, and have now not only witnessed the prosperity, but have been an instrumental in making it happen. Below are some projects they have been a part of.

Malaprops & Zambra in Downtown Asheville

The structure that currently houses Malaprops and Zambra.

Blue Spiral Art Gallery in Asheville

The Blue Spiral Art Gallery in Downtown Asheville.

Richmond Hill Inn Asheville NC

The Richmond Hill Inn in North Asheville NC, now the OM Sanctuary.

Blue Moon Bakery in Downtown Asheville

The Blue Moon Bakery in Downtown Asheville, now City Bakery, and also the location of Samsel Architects.

Southern Highland Craft Guild in Asheville NC

The Southern Highland Craft Guild in Biltmore Village, Asheville North Carolina.

Special thanks to Margaret of Samsel Architects for providing these great images to us, and for helping preserve even more of our history and heritage here in Asheville NC!