Vanuatu Kava Bar Grand Reopening Tonight

Asheville is known for its great beer culture, but if you’re looking for something a little different tonight, head out to the grand reopening of Vanuatu Kava Bar. They moved from their old location on Lexington to 15 Eagle Street a few weeks ago, and they’re finally ready to show off the new space. Everyone is invited to come in for a drink and a bite, and to enjoy some fine homegrown music.

Festivities at the Kava Bar kick off at 4 pm, with the free kava flowing and free food for all, including a brand new menu item that, according to Kava Bar owner Andrew Procyk, is “a dish served to family members of the founding president of Vanuatu’s family, to rave reviews.” I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t wait to try it. Be sure to check out the amazing new art on the walls, and hang around a while-the music starts around 9 with Space Medicine, The Foreels and Max Melner Orchestra. With this combination of musicians, you never know what’s going to hit your ear, but it’s guaranteed to blow you away.

Stop in tonight-Vanuatu Kava Bar is located at 15 Eagle St, right off Biltmore, where Ophelia’s used to be. No cover, no drunken cowboys, just a good time with great friends. For more information about the Kava Bar or to find out more about kava itself (briefly, it’s a perfectly legal herb that makes you feel happy, usually consumed as a kind of tea) visit their website at

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Asheville Trivia Night at Avenue M on Tuesdays!

Looking for a great restaurant, bar and lounge in North Asheville that has a trivia night? Avenue M is the place to be. Great food and appetizers, a full bar, 14 beers on tap, lounge area, projection screen tv, and an outside patio. The perfect setting! Here is some info that Michelle sent us over:

It’s 90 minutes of fun, general knowledge questions that range from cartoons to politics. It starts at 7:30.  Don’t be late, because you wouldn’t want to miss any questions and lose your advantage.

It’s completely free and a great way to hang out with your friends, but Avenue M has such a great selection of beers, wine, mixed drinks and food that you’ll come for the trivia and stay for dinner and drinks.  It’s always more fun when you add some food and socializing to the mix.  That really is the point of trivia.  Get out with your friends, meet some new friends, exercise your brain, have a good meal, and have some laughs.

It’s hosted by me, Michele Louzon and my husband Jason Hadley keeps score.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman hosting trivia in the Asheville area and I don’t think there are any husband and wife teams.  It definitely gives the questions a different perspective.

We invite you to stop by and join us. Ask for me or the owner Teri, and get ready to answer some questions. A Tiger Blood question was in the mix a couple of weeks ago. Who knows what the questions will be this week??? Bring some answers and we will see you on Tuesday!

Asheville Nightlife at Tressa’s – Jazz, Blues, DJ’s, very nice!

Tressa’s in Asheville is a fave spot of many people I know. I guess they just have a great atmosphere including both the owners and staff having great balanced attitudes, the perfect blend of music, great bartenders, and the crowd she has built up over the years is everything they need for a very successful night. The first level is usually jumping with a live band, awesome cocktails, and great people. The GateKeeper is none other than “Skull” himself. Angie is always quick to assist with a great attitude, Terri is alway prompt and overseeing everything, Smittie practically lives there and has a great time with everyone. The second level is a little more toned down, and the vibe was mellow with the man himself, Darryl Mack, handling dozens of clients by himself and very dedicated to that if I may say. They have a nice back room on the 2nd level where you can meet for a more private discussion… so the place is kind of like going to hang out at a home away from home for some of us (wonder if she has free wifi, lol). This building is a classic!

Tressa is definitely a great Owner Operator. I sit there and watch her work and blend all of the time, and she is one of the best actual business owners in Asheville that gets out there with us, the people, and carefully guides the whole vibe of the evening! Thanks Tressa… for having such a great nightlife spot in Asheville North Carolina, and for making your customers feel like family.

Magnolia’s Restaurant & Nightlife in Asheville

Asheville’s Magnolia’s Restaurant and Dance Club has been around for many many years and is probably the most common place where anyone can blend, fit in, and feel comfortable. Great mixture of music from Reggae to Jazz to Rock and more. Magnolia’s is connected to Cinjades by entrance in the rear of the club, so people can pass back and forth from one club to another. The manager tonight was Chris, and he was very helpful and accomodating. Actually walked in on a situation and he was handling it right, and then I saw him deal with a couple more things in my mere 30 minutes there. Chris Peterson (Asheville Investor) is the owner of this establishment.

Cinjades Dance Club in Asheville North Carolina

Stopped by Asheville’s Cinjades and took some great video footage of the Saturday night dance party going on. Plenty of people, security prompt and everywhere, and lots of Hip Hopping. This is one of Asheville’s main nightclubs right down the street from the center of downtown Asheville at Pack Square. Cinjades is also connected to Magnolia’s Restaurant and Nightclub, where a lighter blend of music or all genres is played.