Asheville Personal Training and Fitness to the next level!

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The Asheville Fitness world has many options nowadays. Everything from yoga, to kickboxing, to personal training. Then you have outdoor fitness activities such as biking, running and community sports programs. If you really want to get healthy and fit, there is no excuse not to.

Asheville Fitness by o3

The Asheville Fitness Team recently stopped by o3 Health & Fitness on Riverside Drive on the northside, and did a tremendous workout that made a difference. When we first walked in, we were greeted by several familiar faces who were there to workout. Then my friend Shannon came out of nowhere and surprised me. Karissa led the class and she would not quit. I am talking about 45 minutes to an hour of combination exercises that had the room huffing, puffing and fired up! What a great time and workout.

Do you like to workout and train? Check out the Asheville Fitness Page on Facebook, and join us sometime!

Asheville, WNC and Obamacare + 20 Must Know Facts

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“Obamacare” is one of the biggest sources of confusion and concern in the nation right now.  It’s difficult to sift through all of the information coming from different political parties, agencies, and opinions.  What people really need are the facts so that they can make preparations for coming changes in the most prudent and affordable ways.

Kimsey Hollifield, president and founder of Hollifield Financial Group has answers.  Kimsey and his team of experts are quickly becoming the “Obamacare” specialists in Asheville.  Kimsey is an award-winning agent with nearly a decade of experience in the health, life, and annuity fields of insurance.  He has helped thousands of people in the Carolinas save money and secure their futures.

Kimsey worked for the largest insurance agency in the country, even leading his own team in Charleston, South Carolina, before returning to his Asheville roots to provide the coverage for his home community.

Kimsey has compiled a top 20 list of “Obamacare” Must-know Facts for your convenience!

  1. “Obamacare” is officially known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  2. Plans are guaranteed issue.

  3. The only health question is tobacco use.

  4. The plans are broken down into bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels with co-pays decreasing as premiums rise.

  5. Maternity is included in every plan.

  6. Applications submitted by December 15, 2013 will go into effect January 1, 2014.

  7. People who make up to 400% more money than the Federal Poverty Limit will still receive subsidies.

  8. The Federal Poverty Limit is $11,490 for a single individual.

  9. ALL pre-existing conditions are covered as long as you enroll during the Annual Enrollment Period.

  10. The Annual Enrollment Period is October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014.

  11. Customers could be eligible for zero premium plans.

  12. Customers have until December 31, 2013 to make the initial payment for a January 1st effective date.

  13. There are several qualifying events that allow a person to make a purchase outside the Annual Enrollment Period.

  14. Customers who smoke E-cigarettes are considered non-smokers and will receive a lower rate.

  15. If receiving a subsidy, a 90 day grace period is given on all late payments.

  16. Subsidies are available in the form of a tax credit or premium reduction.

  17. Medicare is not part of the health insurance marketplace.

  18. Smokers could pay as much as 50% more than non-smokers.

  19. Uninsured Americans currently cost the healthcare system approximately 49 billion dollars per year.

  20. The law requires insurers to spend between 80 and 85% of premiums on medical care.

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If you have not yet enrolled in a plan, or have any questions, contact Kimsey Hollifield at 828-280-1489 for more information.  Also visit their website:


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Asheville is not a twenty-four hour city as of yet. It was kind of weird moving from the “City That Never Sleeps” to a place where crickets take over the night. Back in the days of the Beastie Boys, they had a popular song called “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” and it is a restless piece of music to say the least. Not something you want to fall asleep to. One of the reasons that we moved from New York City to the Asheville NC area is because we needed some rest, an escape from the noise, maybe even a little sleep. And all of these have been met.

But there are still folks all around Western North Carolina who cannot get their much needed and deserved rest. There are many sleeping disorders including snoring, bad breathing techniques etc. Janet Bennett owns Asheville Speech Associates on Haywood Road. For the past 10 years, she has been treating snoring with a program she developed called IJustWantToSleep. It has a 94% success rate with stopping snoring and has been shown to help other things associated with not sleeping well. She’s had sleep studies completed and an official study to show these great results.

sleeping tongue stick ijustwanttosleep
It’s a 7-week program of tongue exercises. For the first time, she is starting to hold “Stop Snoring Seminars” where she trains the audience how to complete the program. They leave with the book of exercises, a DVD of the exercises, and her patented Tongue Stick that can help re-shape the tongue. If they don’t want to go to a seminar, they can still purchase the online program (book and videos are online) and be just as effective. They have tons of testimonials on the website and have sold over 1,000 programs.
Are you sleepless in Asheville? Our very own snoring expert! Asheville resident, author Janet Bennett of IJustWantToSleep® discovered a breakthrough treatment to stop snoring. The discovery happened right here in Asheville and now Janet is bringing it to the public via local seminars on Oct. 21 and Oct. 28th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (One Resort Drive). 
Anyone can register to attend by going to their website  – or call (828) 708-7035. This is a non-invasive process with no medications or expensive equipment. The cost for the 7-week program is only $129.00 … that’s less than $20.00 per week … 94% success rate. Register now as seating is limited.
You can see the “IJustWantToSleep” Video on Vimeo. AskAsheville readers can get 10% off the upcoming seminars or the online program by using the coupon code “askavl”. And hey, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Meet 5 People in Asheville That Will Change Your Life


There are many people in the Asheville area that are making great strides to help folks in so many areas of life, health and wellness. I think immediately about my friend, Lindsay Fields, who is consumed with Yoga, Life and Kindness. She has been such a great influence to me over the years! A beautiful person all around that I believe everyone is this world should know and learn from. Then there are others, like Shane.. who counseled our teenager, my beloved son; and helped turn his mentality, life and actions around for the better and forever. Today, my son reaches out and helps others in a positive light. The meetings and therapy were years ago, and the program actually lost its funding; but not before he planted a seed that would grow so good. We cannot find him to say thanks again, but our family still praises and credits the work that he did today.

More? There is George & Jackie (counted as one person in this post) from The Optical Shoppe, who helped our family SEE. Yes, they are a local, family owned eyeglass and contact lenses shop in west Asheville on Patton Ave near the Post Office. Their products, customer service , and prices are so hard to beat. My friends and family have been to a dozen vision shops in the area, but were processed like a fast food hamburger. Not here! Jackie and George both took the time to make sure we got exactly what we needed, and that we could actually see much better, if not perfect. Thank you!

It was not until a recent event and party in Charlotte NC, and hanging out with a few Multi-Millionaire and Celebrity friends that I realized how bad my teeth were, and how good their teeth looked. Even my photographer told one of our clients.. “WOW, your teeth are amazing!” And this was not a simple teeth-whitening. Every tooth was in perfect order, shining, white as snow, and screaming inferiority at all of us. It was then that I decided to visit Asheville Dentist, Dr. Stuart Yoon, DDS and see what he could do for me. I told him I needed dental work to fit in with my budget, and my rich friends haha. To work they went, with their awesome dental hygienist Brooklyn walking me through each and every step, and I am almost there. Now the whole family, and several of my business partners have dental work happening and planned there. The Hygienist even got me to start flossing my teeth on a regular basis. First time ever! Perfection is so close now. Bravo!!

How many times has your neck, back and body pain limited you from living more; from more activities, family time, and even sexual activity? Plenty! At least that is what “she” said lol. We know a Doctor, who is a Chiropractor in the Asheville area, and who has done wonders for many folks across Western North Carolina. Dr. Henry Battistoni is a genius when it comes to Chiropractic work. One talk and session with him, and the doors of flexibility should quickly begin to open wide in your life. Have you ever been cramped? Oh, we have have, and so many times. Call him the Un-Cramper, the Un-Kinker or whatever you wish; but calling him is a must if you are seeking body work to relieve your pain and discomfort.

These are just a few of the great folks in town who have helped and assisted us tremendously. Are there others in the Asheville area health and wellness community that have helped you, your friends, and family? Please comment below and let us know about them. Thank you!

Dying to Look Good: Do You Know What Your Skin is Eating?

Toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in personal care products are improperly screened by safety agencies, according to Lorre Diamond, Asheville, a Florida licensed esthetician and educator.

Diamond, the featured speaker at a Tuesday, May 21, event at Jubilee! from 7-9 p.m., is determined educate and inspire others to remove toxic ingredients from their homes.

Lorre Diamond, Ingredient Investigator

Flipping through the pages of an industry magazine in 2006, Diamond came across disturbing information about a common chemical called a paraben, and referred to on labels as methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl paraben.

“Though manufacturers commonly use paraben to inhibit microbial growth and extend the shelf life of products, one article by Amanda Gardener found that parabens had been detected in breast cancer tissue.”

That disturbing bit of news led Diamond to more research. “The problem wasn’t just limited to paraben additives. I found that elegant bottles of beauty and personal care products contain A multitude of toxins and carcinogens in exotic fragrances and creamy textures.”

Diamond calls the series of revelations that followed an “inconvenient truth.”

“ I learned that on labels, words such as organic, natural, dermatologist tested, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free are just marketing. Our system is broken.”

The status quo is bleak as Diamond sees it, though she notes some non-profit action groups are making positive inroads. Nevertheless, labeling laws for personal care products do not exist in the United States. Neither the Cosmetic Fragrance and Toiletry Association, nor the Food and Drug Administration require the beauty industry to be forthright on their labels. Product safety testing remains inadequate. Products placed on the shelf in stores without adequate testing include products targeting women, men, teens, and infants, in an ironic sort of gender equality.

Daily, women use 168 difference ingredients , while men use 85 ingredients , children use 61 ingredients, Diamond’s research shows.

“My intensive research left me angry and confused,” says Diamond. “Every day, I was learning more about toxic chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Nitrosamines, so-called “natural” fragrances, 1-4 dioxane, and others.”

For example, in 2006, a team of researchers from the University of California found sunscreen may “do more harm than good once it soaks into the skin, where it actually promotes the harmful compounds it is meant to protect against,” according to the Organic Consumers Association.

The exceptions are those labels on Certified Organic products, says Diamond.

“I began searching in health food stores, on line, through books and trade shows for a product line that would be beneficial, cost-effective, healthy, and void of toxins.”

She also began searching for a better way to work.

“My inconvenient truth made it impossible for me to work in spas or salons with a clear conscious, as I was unwilling to sell and apply their toxic products.”

As a result, Diamond began speaking publicly on the dangers of chemicals and personal care products to as many people and organizations as possible. After a recent study showed hundreds of toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord, she has begun to focus her education on young adults of child bearing as, as well as cancer patients and survivors. Each group has proven susceptibility to synthetic cosmetic ingredients, she notes.

Today, Diamond calls herself an ingredient investigator after the fashion of Christine Hoza Farlow, D.C., author of the book, Dying to Look Good.” She cites Farlow’s text precisely:

“… no one knows the effects of the many different ingredients used in the thousands of different combinations, the effects of using numerous different products, one on top of the other, or the effects of repeated use of ingredients or products over time.”

No one knows, she repeats. Then, she questions.

“No one knows?”

Learn to decipher ingredients on a label, identify the most toxic ingredients in personal care products, and make better, healthier choices to protect your health. Attendees are invited to bring their favorite personal care product for an ingredient check. Cost is $10. The event is Tuesday, May 21, from 7-9 p.m., Jubilee!, 46 Wall Street, Asheville.