Asheville Foodie: Edible Arrangements

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I love those chocolate covered pineapples, along with everything else but especially those guys. I’ve seen ads for Edible Arrangements on TV but didn’t think anything else about it. Then I got the opportunity to interview our local store owner, Diana King. The more we chatted; the more I got to realizing she has greater ambitions for this business.

Diana says, “We are the creator of and the leaders in fresh fruit bouquets. We make any occasion special with our array of irresistible products, including The Original Fresh Fruit Bouquet and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. We believe in invention, investment and imagination, and have an entrepreneurial history and spirit. Above all, we are fresh fruit fanatics.” You can tell she has an immense amount of passion for her business. Diana wants people to understand the benefits for eating better and healthier, that’s why she puts forth effort to speak at schools and attends festivities where she helps different organizations bring awareness of various matters or targets.

Diana and her partner, Susan Rossignol, have already expanded their successful business into Spartanburg, South Carolina. They also have aspirations and ideas for expanding into downtown Asheville, apart from the West Asheville location. From our conversation, I’ve gotten very excited to see what these busy ladies have planned for 2015!

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Balancing Your Life in Asheville

People usually think of balancing life as dealing with your work along with your personal life. Yet, we tend to forget about our well-being and mental being and that’s why I’m proud to get the chance to share my experience with my first ever visit to the chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor, Dr. Derek Kasten at One Love Chiropractic.

I like to describe Dr. Derek’s practices as holistic because he specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. It’s amazing how much we overlook the simple accidents we have as children. What’s even more amazing is how much we forget about it and then suffer in our later phases of our lives. Now, I could probably blow your mind with the insight that I’ve gained from him.

One Love Chiropractic, pre and post miracle

I know I never thought I needed a chiropractor, mostly assumed from my inexperience and lack of knowledge about chiropractic practices. Dr. Derek explained a lot to me through his inspiration to pursue his occupation in chiropractic studies. I know some history of this practice and I’m glad I have a better understanding because I feel comfortable when I come to visit my chiropractor. I trust his work because he’s been helpful and he wants everyone to understand the true reason a chiropractor is needed, and what a great help they can be.

I told him about my concerns then he went on to explain and bring more light to what I need to focus on. After we discussed all of what I need to know and be aware of, he concentrated on my concerns and explained where I needed adjusting and didn’t over adjust me… thankfully because I learned that traumatizes your body, which makes sense.

Dr. Derek Kasten, Book

I’m glad I found a chiropractor that I can trust, wants me to understand how much this really affects me not just by my physical health, but my mental health as well, and who also cares about his work just as much about his family, friends, and patients. I recommend One Love Chiropractic for anyone, even if you think you don’t need a chiropractor because you might be surprised.


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5 Things That Separate This Asheville Chiropractor From The Rest

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Going to a Chiropractor is usually what you do when you hurt yourself. This should not be the case. Dr. Derek, a Chiropractor in Asheville North Carolina, has many attributes that make him unique. Read them here:

  1. Asheville’s Only Certified Pediatric Chiro​practor with a certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr.Derek also has been teaching other chiropractors how to educate parents and care for children through his many workshops and training programs. ​
  2. Certified in Prenatal Care with a certification in the Websters Technique for ​p​regnant w​omen with Breech Presentation. Dr.Derek promotes being proactive about your families health. He encourages preconception care to help prepare parents and he has great success with infertility. He also focuses on caring for the mother and family after birth with an emphasis on caring for woman with postpartum depression and children that have suffered birth trauma.
  3. Specialize​s​ in Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Sensor​y​ Integration Disorder, Behavioral Issues, Autism, Asperger’s​ and much more. Suffering from neurodevelopment disorders growing up and having a daughter who is sensitive, Dr. Derek understands the importance in allowing all children to be in a state of balance and to meet their full potential.asheville chiropractic health
  4. Passionate about Family Wellness and helping families become ​closer and more connected. Allowing the family to heal ​and grow ​together is so much more powerful tha​n​ just caring for one of the parts. The family is a unit, they feed off of each other. When you care for them all together, the healing potential is exponentially greater. ​
  5. He is an Author of a new book titled… “Indifference:​ Why Children Are So Sick”. The book is a recipe for allowing children and families to finally be safe, healthy and happy. The question is, how do we get there? This book is the answer.​ Download Dr. Derek’s Free Ebook Here.
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Dr. Derek has a Asheville Chiropractor office called One Love Chiropractic in north Asheville. We welcome him and his family into our Asheville community and look forward to the help he will bring to many lives in the area.

The Asheville Doctor Is In: Top 10 Medical Tips

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Aren’t you tired of lists? I am. But sometimes we all need one to remind us how to stay on track so that we live the 100 years available to us today! In no particular order, unless noted, are what current physicians are suggesting are the top ten medical tips that anyone can do:

1. Get a good night’s sleep! How easy is this? It’s free! Getting a good night’s sleep is probably the number one best tip you can do for yourself. A rested person is more active the next day, leading to better weight control, stress, and productivity. The results cannot be overstated.

2. Do you really need to eat that? Ask yourself this whenever you are holding that biggie fry box or 3rd donut? Really? Portion control is key. Don’t deprive yourself; you don’t need a nutritionist to tell you that 6 slices of pizza are probably more than you need!

3. Exercise. You know this! There are maybe two buildings in Buncombe County where you may need the elevator! The rest you can take the stairs. And please, taking the elevator down two flights! Walk, step, climb, do these little things daily, they add up!

4. See your healthcare provider regularly. You get your car serviced so as not to spend $$$ on repairs, right. Treat your body the same. Blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer screenings, etc. save lives. You take your pet to the vet for these things; take yourself to your physician so you are around to take care of that family.

5. Sun. Yeah, it is fun, but deadly. There is no such thing as a “healthy” tan. And we are too far north for the sun to do much for us as far as Vitamin D, you need diet and supplements for that.

asheville medical skin care

6. Stress. Do you really need to be checking work emails all day long? Are you getting paid for that? Whatever the cause, find a way to isolate what it is that stresses you, deal with it best you can, then leave it till tomorrow!

7. Smoking. Duh.

8. Drinking, in moderation.

9. Seatbelts. Always, before backing out of the driveway. I’ve been over Sunset Mountain 40 yards from home, wasn’t pretty hanging upside down, thank goodness for the belt.

10. Internal health. Make sure you are optimized from a weight, exercise, nutritional, and hormonal perspective. Your hormones play an essential role, and today we have real human enhancements. Be sure your tank is full and optimal.

You can find out more about Dr. George Ibrahim and the team on the Asheville Health Span MD Website.

GMO OMG: Asheville Says No To Genetically Modified Organism

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Why would America, and so many companies who once prided themselves in the ingredients, now hide them from the consumer? There is a Global food crisis. Farming and agriculture as we once knew it is quickly disappearing. On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in Asheville North Carolina, there will be a viewing of an amazing and engaging documentary titled GMO OMG. The event is hosted by the Organic Growers School of Asheville, with many health conscience sponsors.

Asheville is in the center of the largest farms Per capita. We are known to be one of the greatest concentration of consciousness healing practices and farming. The folks around here want to know what is in their food and what they are consuming on a daily basis. You know the term… “You get out what you put in” and now the health of our society is already deteriorating because of food related illnesses.

The panel discussion for GMO OMG will include pioneers such as Dr. James Biddle of Asheville Integrative Medicine, and Carol Koury of Sow True Seed. Carol has aligned with over 80 seed companies and has filed a class action lawsuit against the “Goliath” Monsanto. Jeremy Seifert will have about 10 minutes of questions and answers after the film. Craig Childs of Pristine Clean and Lee Warren of the Organic Growers School will moderate the panel.

You can view the official video trailer for GMO OMG here..

GMO OMG Official Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.