Smoothie King Opens In South Asheville

Smoothie King in Asheville NC

Everyone loves a great smoothie, and Smoothie King has just opened up their first store in south Asheville, in the Market Center gas station. They are an International company, with a strong presence already happening in Charlotte NC, but now they have come to the mountains. And they have a drive-thru! They have been named the #1 franchise in their category for 20 of the last 27 years, so they have a strong track record. Where do you get your smoothies in Asheville now? Let us know if you have tried this spot and how they were. Thanks!

New “Sky Zone” Trampoline Park Coming To South Asheville

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Asheville NC

Trampoline Parks are the latest craze in Asheville North Carolina. We had “Launch” open up not too long ago, and now Sky Zone Trampoline Park is opening up only about 3 miles away from them in Gerber Village, right near Publix and almost right across from Gold’s Gym. Maybe between this new place opening and the newly constructed apartments behind it; Gerber Village will finally gain some more life and shopping traffic.

Launch To Sky Zone Trampoline in Asheville NC

Trampolines are a great platform for fun, games, exercise, dance, fitness and many other uses. We have been jumping around ever since the House of Pain did back in the days. Glad the community is finally catching up with us.

Meet 3 People In Asheville That Could Use Your Help

Meet 3 Asheville People That Need Your Help

There are many folks all around the world that are hurting right now. Some are facing treatable sicknesses, and for others it is a life and death situation. Social media has brought a lot of this to light and has enabled many miracles to happen by bringing awareness to communities, and then raising the necessary funds and support to help.

Today we have a few folks in Asheville North Carolina that I would like to introduce you to. They are suffering tremendously with the medical issues they are facing and could use our help. Please read and help if you can.

  1. Rocky Cunningham – for those of you who know this man, he has been an active person in the community, and in the Asheville City Schools as the physical education & health teacher. In early April, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is now raising funds to assist in his medical journey. Please check out Rocky’s GoFundMe Page for more information.
  2. Katie Janette – we first met her while hanging out with the buskers in downtown Asheville, and have bumped into her on several occasions. In February, she had severe abdominal pain and was told that she had a fibroid (generally non-cancerous tumor) in her uterus. It has since gotten worse and she needs to have it removed. The good news is that she has almost reached her goal for the upcoming surgery. Please see Katie’s GoFundMe Page for more information.
  3. Kat Williams – last but not least, is Kat Williams, who has been a part of the Asheville community for many years, has blessed many of us with the sound of music in our ears, and has given a piece of herself toward so many causes and non-profit to help others. Now she is reaching out for our help. Kat needs a kidney transplant and has a long journey ahead of her.  Please take a look at Kat’s YouCaring Page for more info.

5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life

Go Yoga Asheville NC

We stopped over at GoYoga in Biltmore Park Town Square in south Asheville recently. While talking to Carrie, we asked about some of the wonderful benefits of yoga. She sent these reasons over to us. If you have any more, or if you have a story about how yoga has helped your personally; please comment about it below.

  1. Physical.  Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles and helps you to stay balanced physically.
  2. Breath.  Yoga reminds you how important it is to breathe.   Intentionally breathing deeply and with movement, helps your body relax and restores oxygen to your muscles.
  3. Detoxing.  Yoga, especially with the heat, detoxes your body from harm chemical, germs and pollutants that end up in our system.  Flu season is looming and yoga will decrease your changes of catching the flu.
  4. Stress Relief. After a hard day at the office or a stressful morning getting the kids to school, yoga helps to relieve the stress that builds up in our daily lives.  You will also find yourself able to handle stress outside of the studio by breathing and calming yourself with the methods of yoga.
  5. Community.  At Go Yoga at Biltmore Park, our supportive commmunity promotes interaction among our students, so we deepen our circle of friends.  We, also, will reach out to the community for events, fundraisers and fun!

Asheville Chiropractor Heals Families

one love chiropractic asheville

From the first moment we met Asheville Chiropractor Dr. Derek, we knew something was special. He had a passion like none other for helping and healing pregnant women, and also children. As we listened more, we learned about the many lives he has been instrumental in healing. Now his office in north Asheville serves a large clientele from whole families, to athletes, to just about anyone who needs help. See this new video below about One Love Chiropractic in Asheville: