Asheville Coffee House & Cafe – Meet Edna

First of all, we found out Edna is Asheville Royalty, insomuch that a coffee house on the northside of town was named after this little Pug. Edna actually doesn’t even drink coffee herself anymore.. (after a semi-traumatic experience) ..but her customers keep coming back for more and more.

If you take a 5 minute ride north of downtown Asheville on Merrimon Ave, you will come to a little, funky spot called Edna’s of Asheville. Some of you may remember when it used to be Mountain Java. Some go here for a cup of coffee, some breakfast, a muffin, bagel, pastry, beer, wine, lunch; or just the free Internet. This is a meeting hot spot in the North Asheville community. Many folks from Leicester and Weaverville use Edna’s as an easily accessible AVL meeting point.

The coffee? Well it is made at the Coffee Roasting Plant they own in Asheville NC! The name is “Bad Puppy Roasting” which you can purchase in the Cafe, and you will soon be able to order online. Edna (the Pug) runs the coffee making business in Asheville. Believe that!

The Encouraging Cup

Keil Nathan Smith at the Encouraging Cup

There is a real cool place in Asheville for Christians to go to to enjoy amazing music, have a cup of savory coffee and fellowship with each other. It is a place up and coming Christian musicians can showcase their music. I went last night with a great group friends and I have to say alcohol is not necessary to have a good time! I love my friends and the atmosphere is so comfy and fun at the encouraging cup! I thank God for it. I will definitely be going again.

You can check it out at:

Asheville Coffee at the Double Decker Bus on Biltmore Ave

I remember meeting with a few teams in Downtown Asheville and going over some strategy awhile back. We would choose different locations, but one of the guys always use to want to meet on the top level of the Double Decker Asheville Coffee Bus for the meeting. I enjoyed it. It was different, cool, fun… and real convenient right there on Biltmore Ave, about a block down from the Pack Memorial in Asheville NC.

Love Java – Love Kids! Growing Young Cafe! (Asheville Coffee and Kids!)

Now here’s a wonder-full Asheville idea: A Coffee Shop where children are not only welcome but lots of fun stuff happens!!!

Growing Young Cafe is a kid-friendly coffee shop where parents can relax and enjoy locally roasted coffee and healthy, organic treats while their kids play, learn, and grow. There are guided art activities daily as well as special classes like Movement and Music, Kids’ Gymnastics and clubs like Legomaniacs where kids can meet others with similar interests. Drop-in childcare is offered Monday through Saturday from 10-12 and other times by appointment to give parents a chance to run errands or simply have a break. Another great offer are workshops for parents on such topics as Essential Oils, Infant Massage, and Positive Discipline. The mission at Growing Young Cafe is to build a place of community where families can feel welcome and kids can be themselves – and it shows!

Tonya Clanton has seen this vision come to live and added an amazing place to the Asheville coawffee shop scene… check it out at Growing Young Cafe! See you there for Kaffeklatsch?

24hr Coffee in Asheville North Carolina

Plenty of business at this coffee shop on Merrimon Avenue. It stays packed inside and out, especially on Thanksgiving, when most places are closed. This place is right next to New York Fashions on East Chestnut and Merrimon Ave in North Asheville. From their website… “Caffiend is the Carolina’s first and only 24 hour coffee and espresso bar. We started just this year and have already gained a reputation as a destination coffee house in the Southeast. Caffiend features amazing coffee from not one, but four roasters as well as a variety of local gourmet baked goods. Many things set us apart from the competition; whether it’s the widest variety of drinks available in our region, the over one hundred varieties of gourmet teas, the lowest prices in our region, or the comfortable seating there’s something for everyone at Caffiend. Caffiend also offers amenities you come to expect from any great coffee house such as free wireless internet as well as an in-house computer with available printing (for a small fee). So we invite you to visit a true phenomenon in coffee, Caffiend… and don’t forget SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!”