The Asheville Bachelorette Party Guide

Asheville Bachelorette Party

There comes a time in many of our lives when marriage is on the horizon. You already hear wedding bells, you are thinking about the home you will be living in, and the excitement of starting a new family is a dream come true. But before we walk down that aisle, it is wise to take a few days to celebrate the ending of your singleness. Because if not, it is left unsettled and may creep up on you later in life when you least suspect it. A wedding and a marriage can sometimes be overwhelming, so taking time to breathe before you make one of the biggest moves in your life is pretty much mandatory.

Asheville Bachelorette Party Fun

Now some ladies like to stay around their hometown and celebrate their bachelorette party, while others want to travel to another city. Some of my friends have recently been to Savannah GA and Charleston SC for their celebrations. They rented out a house on AirBNB, planned out the eateries, breweries, and nightlife they wanted to experience, and off they went. Now Asheville is a big bachelorette party destination so here is a quick guide to help you pick some great places when you are in town.

Where you will stay is very important as negative lodging experiences can ruin the whole trip. Yes, maybe you are going to be out and about and not spend that much time in the room, but when you do come back for even a little cat nap, you want to be clean, comfortable, secure, and well taken care of. The Hotel Indigo is always a great spot, as well as the Omni Grove Parkthe Inn at Biltmore and the Grand Bohemian Hotel.

Places to eat are many in Asheville North Carolina, so you will not go hungry. Places like Fig Bistro, Curate, Junction, The Admiral, and many others offer fine meals and a great time. You can also check out the breweries-eateries that serve both craft brews and good food. Or maybe you want an amazing meal catered by a personal chef to your room or house rental? In that case, make sure you meet Chef Katie!

Wine may be in your plans and Asheville has several great spots for that. Visiting the winery at The Biltmore is a fine experience to have. Then downtown has several locations such as 5 Walnut Wine Bar, Sante, and Battery Park Book Exchange which are all great.

The breweries in Asheville are a big part of our community. And it is not just the beer, but the craft and experience. Check out this tour map of 10 Asheville Breweries that you could check out when you are in town. Also Pour Taproom in west Asheville has a bunch of beer taps and it is self-serve, so you can spend an hour or two sampling craft brews.

Asheville has lots of sweets to go around, and it was recently National Dessert Day, so here is a blog post full of desserts stops in the area, each with their own little twist.

Coffee is big here in Asheville North Carolina, and you will surely fall in love with many of our little coffee shops around town. Here is a blog post about 24 Places To Get Coffee In Asheville.

We have several great places to have cocktails in Asheville NC on the AskAsheville Cocktails Page. But there are several other spots in the area such as Post 70 on the east side of town, plus Sovereign Remedies, Limones, and Posana downtown, that you need to check out.

Nightlife is an essential for bachelorette parties, and Asheville has lots to do. 5 Walnut Wine Bar is pretty much a sure shot when it comes to music, wine and beer. It is usually packed, but worth the wait to get in. The same goes for Nightbell, another must-visit spot. Then there are plenty of music venues such The Orange Peel and Asheville Music Hall downtown, Isis Music Hall in west Asheville, and Grey Eagle in the River Arts District.

There are several tours you may want to take around town. LaZoom Comedy Tours offers a blend of Asheville history, humor, and plus you can bring your own bottles and drink away during the whole tour. The Amazing Pubcycle allows you to pedal around town, singing and dancing. Asheville Premier Transportation offers private brewery, restaurant, wine, and scenic tours for groups, and they are fantastic! And don’t forget to tour the famed Biltmore Estate to see the house, winery, and their beautiful property.

You can also check out AskAsheville on Facebook to see lots of other experiences that folks have written about.

If you want to write about your Asheville Bachelorette Party experience, please see our Blog Posting Page.

And if you have any questions about the Asheville North Carolina area, ask them on the AskAsheville Question Form.

Thank you!

Fill My Cup Cafe Opening This Fall In South Asheville

Fill My Cup Cafe in south Asheville

Among the many titles that Asheville carries, coffee has to fit in there somewhere. While driving around town today, we noticed that Fill My Cup Cafe is about to open in the same shopping center as Abeja’s House Cafe. This means that there will now be two great places to eat here! After talking to Joe, the owner of Fill My Cup Cafe, they will have lots of coffee, food including house-made sandwiches, and also beer & wine. Cheers to another great addition to the Asheville foodie community!

Meet The Le Bon Café Coffee Truck In Asheville NC

Le Bon Cafe Asheville Coffee


I have just opened a mobile coffee truck in downtown Asheville (the lot @ 51 coxe ave). It’s not really a truck, more like a bizarre hobbit/fairy/coffee/tiny house. Some might argue that any house serving coffee is magical, and they are not wrong, but this is extra special.

I’ve been a barista for many years and always dreamed of one day running a little café. There’s something magical about the community that grows around a good café, and I always knew I wanted to help create that kind of space.

My partner Mike and I moved to Asheville 2 years ago. It was a tough transition. I had a hard time getting a visa (I’m from Ireland), and when i finally did i had a hard time finding work that was meaningful as well as sustaining. It seems like everyone and their mother is moving here, and who could blame them?

In the back of my mind I kept thinking about these little “coffee shacks” I’d been familiar with in Montana—just little huts on the side of the road with great coffee: portable, convenient, full of personality. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Asheville’s coffee culture is growing rapidly, and the time seemed right to get involved. Mike is a carpenter who worked for Jade Mountain Green builders in town, but is in the process of starting his own tiny homes business. He offered to build the coffee shop itself as their first project. It really embodies the soul of Le Bon Café: the love and care and originality that has gone into its creation is what this is all about.

The tiny house was made with mostly reclaimed and salvaged materials. The front and back was pieced together with old barn wood that Mike salvaged from a Jade job. The sides are made from discarded wooden pallets. The door was used (craigslist). One window used to be a pizza hut drive thru window, the other was salvaged from an old orchard in Tryon, NC. The cedar shakes we are using on the roof were salvaged from a friends house in west Asheville… The list goes on! My friend Anna and I made the 2 stained glass pieces (from a touch of glass).

I’m using Larry’s beans. They are 100% organic locally roasted and delicious. I also have some enticing tea blends (including a homemade chai), and melt in your mouth pastries from OWL bakery.

Stop by, say hi, grab a chai

Le Bon Cafe

Asheville Coffee and Community – 24 Shops

asheville coffee community

The coffee culture in Asheville is definitely brewing and growing. Craft coffee is a lot like craft beer, it is made and handled with care. There are some spots that specialize on the light side with coffee, cookies, and pastries. Then there are restaurants and grocery stores in the community which feature local, organic coffee and beans. We started with 24, dropped a couple, then added more as you can see. We kept the title at 24 to remind us of the original post.

A lot happens around a cup of coffee. Think about it for a minute. People meet people, relationships are built, business is made, people are hired, fired, promoted, proposed to, broken up with, divorced, hear bad news,.. or told some of the greatest news they ever heard in their life! As you pass by the many tables, you will see folks reading, talking, working, laughing, and… sometimes even crying. Life happens in a coffee shop. Some are enjoying their time alone, and some are not. Others are holding hands happily in love, while others are trying to make love work again. So many lives and stories; and all over a simple cup of coffee.

I’m not going to lie, the vanilla latte shown in this photo was the worst I’ve ever had here. I didn’t realize it until halfway through my meeting, and then remembered that the lady had warned me… something wasn’t working right, either her or the machine, I was too “plugged in” to hear exactly. Either way, her hospitality made up for it, and I was too busy to order another. They would have quickly replaced it had I asked. And this place is like great all of the time, whether it is the food, drinks or baked goods; so one “bad latte” isn’t going to ruin my day.

But coffee initiates community, and business; and many times it then fades into the background. Coffee is a neutralizer that leads to bigger and better things in so many lives every single day. Where would we be without coffee? Not far.

Asheville Coffee Shops

In the Asheville area and looking for some great places to have a cup of coffee? We are going to list a few below, but if we forgot anyone, or if you have a recommendation; please comment and share it with us. If we get a minute, we may even add them to the list and link to their website too. We purposely left a couple out because they have coffee, but they just don’t have that coffee shop feel. This blog post has received over 10,000 views already, with many more to come! So if you have any specific comments you want to make below, please do, as we will be sending this post out periodically in the next few days, weeks, and even months; so your comments do matter to us and our readers.

Downtown Asheville

  1. Karen Donatelli
  2. Double D’s Coffee (The Double Decker Bus)
  3. The Coffee Pedlar (Must try)
  4. Green Sage
  5. Old Europe
  6. World Coffee
  7. Izzy’s
  8. Hi Five
  9. Battery Park Book Exchange
  10. Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe
  11. Vortex Doughnuts
  12. Bomba
  13. Sovereign Remedies

North Asheville

  1. Edna’s
  2. Tod’s Tasties (Montford, 1 minute from downtown)
  3. Hi Five (Broadway, 1 minute from downtown)
  4. Greenlife (Merrimon, 1 minute from downtown)

South Asheville

  1. Beehive Coffee Bar (Hidden Gem)
  2. Green Sage
  3. Mosaic Cafe
  4. Medea’s Espresso & Juice Bar
  5. Also See Biltmore Village (Short South Asheville) Below

East Asheville

  1. Filo
  2. Mobile Mo-Joe

West Asheville

  1. Odd’s Cafe
  2. Firestorm Cafe
  3. Green Sage
  4. West End Bakery
  5. Battle Cat
  6. Earthfare
  7. Bean Werks

Biltmore Village

  1. Biltmore Coffee Traders
  2. Well Bred Bakery

River Arts District

  1. Clingman Cafe
  2. PennyCup Coffee Co.
  3. Yuzu Patisserie

The Asheville Double Decker Bus – Double D’s

Asheville Double Decker Bus - Double D's

The Double Decker Bus in Downtown Asheville is a landmark in the community. We have stopped by Double D’s on many occasions.. using the upper level as a meeting rendezvous point, drinking coffee, eating some muffins and cookies, and using it as a photo shoot location.

Double D’s is not your average mobile food truck. As a matter of fact, it does not move at all. This Double Decker Bus is a staple located at 41 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. It is right across the street from Barley’s Taproom & Pizza and Chestnut. It is two doors down from Doc Chey’s. It is right next to the new Aloft Hotel and The Black Bird Restaurant.  It is right up the block from the Orange Peel and the new Wicked Weed Brewing. Perfect location.

I don’t know if the City of Asheville will ever adopt a Double Decker Bus for transit purposes, but maybe LaZoom Tours should think about this. I think it would be a BIG hit.