Asheville Mustard – Made With Beer – by Crooked Condiments

Hello, I am Chelsea Madison, one of three owners of Crooked Condiments. We make and bottle gourmet condiments which feature local ingredients. Our office/ kitchen is in North Asheville. The 3 owners of the business area: Chelsea Madison, Nick Barr, Lee Madison.

The idea started when my boyfriend Nick and I started talking about opening a farm to table restaurant in Asheville. Having both worked in restaurants for years, we knew the risks. So we came up with the idea
of making gourmet condiments. This way we can still focus on our love of food and use local ingredients. My mom, Lee, is the business savvy one who knew the steps to take to start and maintain a successful venture.

We started production in January 2009. Lee, my mom is from Asheville and I was born and raised in Asheville. Nick moved here in 2001 and fell in love everything Asheville, including me! My favorite things about Asheville or WNC are the mountains and beauty of the landscape, and of course the vibrant culinary scene. And who doesn’t want to live in Beer City USA?

Asheville is blessed with a strong and loyal community. That is obvious with the constant push to buy local. I am proud my community shops a tailgate markets, visits local galleries, and participates in annual charity events like Dining out for Life and Dine to be Kind. We are deeply invested in the sustainability of Asheville. Not only is our business local, we use local ingredients. “Asheville” is front and centered on every label because Asheville was the real inspiration for the business.

Name 3 other businesses in Asheville or WNC that you regularly network with and why: First is Highland Brewery. When we started experimenting with recipes we knew we wanted to use local beer. Highland Gaelic Ale was our first winner. They are amazing to work with and are always willing to cross promote. Asheville Brewing Company approached us and asked us to design a product with their beer. Ninja Porter Mustard is what we created. Since then we have worked together on a number of fun projects. Greenlife Grocery has also been fantastic. We do regular tastings there, and we participate in their tailgate market.

Cucina 24 was the first restaurant in town to use our products on their menu. The chef, Brian Canipelli, is
supportive and we are always amazed to see the many creative ways he uses our products. Martha Dugger designed our labels and logo! We always get compliments on both.

The top 3 products we offer and sell are: Gaelic Ale Mustard. Ninja Porter Mustard and Apple Butter. We started with mustard because I am allergic to peppers and Nick and my mom were quite practiced in finding new ways to give me a spicy fix.

Crooked Condiments – Tastes and Tales of Asheville.
PO BOX 18002 Asheville, NC 28804

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