Asheville Musician Robbed

On Sunday, February 19, local musician Dup Crosson lost thousands of dollars in musical equipment when his practice space in downtown Asheville was broken into.

The thieves took a Rode NT1-A Condenser mic, an Acer computer monitor, and the following pedals:

• Electro Harmonix Big Muff
• Electro Harmonix Pulsar Tremolo
• Danelectro Overdrive
• Danelectro Fish and Chips EQ
• Boss RC-20 Looper
• RAT distortion
• Ibanex TS-9 Tubescreamer
• T.C. Electronics Nova Delay
• Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, VP Junior
• Analog Man Bi-Compressor
• Akai Head Rush looper/delay
• Peterson Strobo stomp tuner

Crosson is especially upset over the loss of his guitar, a  2008 Fender American Deluxe. The guitar is solid white, including the pickguard, with a black lightning bolt epoxied to the surface. You can see a photo of the guitar in the photo above. In addition to the cherished guitar, Crosson’s Univox Hi-Flier four-string electric bass was stolen. The bass is an early-70’s model with a sunburst finish.

Dup Crosson, of local bands To My Dear Friends and Saint Solitude, asks anyone with information about his stolen gear to call 828-225-4190 or email

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