Gaston – Coming To Asheville! 1/14 and 1/15 Today & Tomorrow Only

Gaston is coming to Asheville to be a part on our Grand Opening at Club Nashwa where he is offering to teach a class before the party. If you are interested, take a look… The class is from 8:30 to 9:30… $15.oo will cover Workshop and Party. He will also be teaching Private Lessons for only 60 Dollars… you cannot beat this last minute deal for this one on one lesson with a professional dancer. (Available Wed and Thur)

Come for the workshop and show off your moves at Club Nashwa this January 14th! Take a look at his video by clicking HERE. If you want to get more information about the Workshop or the Grand Opening feel free to contact us.

Sincerely; Andres Montoya (828) 216-1452

Asheville Musicians Jam on Pack Square Downtown

This Asheville video was taken by my 8 year old son who is a “blogger in training”. Great footage, especially for his first shoot. The Flip Video camcorder makes it easy for anyone to do nice videos with minimal experience or effort.

These musicians were having a great time playing and singing in Downtown Asheville on Pack Square. Passed by about an hour later and they had some guy with a harmonica who joined in with them. I love walking around Asheville, listen to the music, spare a few bucks, and make some new friends.

Downtown Asheville CVS become a stageshow

Here is a little bit of the Asheville streetlife right across from Pritchard Park and Wachovia Bank in downtown Asheville. CVS has just recently moved out and this store remains vacant with nothing covering the windows. Some musicians are playing in the entryway and some others talking on the side, one dressed as Santa. I have seen people sleeping in this hole, peddling, and much more. It is a free platform and they are quick to make use of it. I wonder if you have to reserve it, is it first come first serve, can you pay someone to use it, or is there a time limit? Maybe it is a “free for all” and you have to fight for the spot? This is Asheville, who knows. These two men were into in, and as I waited for this long light, I watched them jam out together!

Skinny Legs and All and WSNB rock the Westville Pub

Last night, the Southern Fried Blues Society sponsored a fundraiser for the bands to help them travel to Memphis, TN in February to attend the International Blues Challenge. WSNB won the local SFBS competition to be in the competition, Skinny Legs and All is the nominated band to attend the Youth Showcase. The Westville Pub was filled with music lovers, friends, and family – and they enjoyed a fantastic show put on by both the bands. The silent auction displayed beautiful art, clothing, and jewelry. Those who donated money to the fund were given raffle tickets and took home t-shirts, Cd’s, gift certificates, and even a bucket of Moon Pies! Everyone who came out to support the bands had a great time – and the servers and bartenders at the Westville Pub kept the beer and food flowing. Thanks to Peggy Ratusz and everyone at the Blues Society for planning the event! There will be another fundraiser in January – so keep posted and please come out and see these fantastic bands!

Billy Jonas visits The New Classical Academy

Asheville pied piper ~ Billy Jonas ~ visited my school today and performed with the kids!

He’s gearing up for his
Come! Make a holiday weekend of it! It’s the first night of Hanukkah, it’s Solstice, it’s practically Christmas and Kwanzaa, and it’s a good cause! Not only will we celebrate the release of the new CD, we’ll be giving away a large portion of the proceeds to 3 Asheville schools and 3 local not-for-profit service agencies. The schools (Maccabi Academy, New Classical Academy, New City Christian School) have just completed 3-month projects with the agencies (Manna Food Bank, Pisgah View Community Peace Gardens, and the Animal Compassion Network) and will have their accomplishments on display. Also, Michelle Bevans of Asheville Face Painting will be at the Hands of Hope Benefit … be sure to arrive early to get your hand, cheek, face painted! A portion of the proceeds will go to Hands of Hope. For more information, check out her website: Get your tickets early!

“Hands of Hope” Holiday Benefit
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Civic Center Asheville, NC 28804
phone: 828-254-5660
First annual Hands of Hope family concert from 1pm – 2:30pm at the Thomas Wolfe auditorium. Features special guests Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and two-time Grammy Award winners Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer.